The New Orleans Levee fail

By connor

What Is The New Orleans?

The new Orleans is a city that is under se level. That means they had to build a wall around the city so water doesn't come in. The wall around the city is called a levee. A hurricane called "hurricane Katrina"(Ker-tree-na) hit the city in 2005 and the walls broke. water came in and flooded the city. peoples houses were flooded so they went it their attics, then the water was coming into their attics so they had to break the roof. Sometimes the roof was hard to break so some didn't survive. The cove guards tried to save most of the people on their roofs by picking them up in a helicopter then putting them on a bridge or in the super dome. the only problem was they were both crowded. And one night when the people in the dome were sleeping they heard banging so they woke up and the domes roof was breaking
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How Did The Levees Fail?

The levees failed because the structure was not strong enough. They were originanly going to double the size(it was only around 2 meters tall)but they thought it would cost to much money. When hurricane Katrina hit new Orleans levee, it broke 50 holes in the wall! they were lucky because no alligators or sharks came in the city.
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The result of the flood covered over 80% of the new Orleans and it killed over 1,000 people. The mayor of the time(Ray Nagin) was in a hotel beside the superdome, He heard the people in the dome yelling so he got scared and thought they were rioting. but.... They were just singing chirch songs so the kids won't get scared.