Acid Rain

Eddie Torres/Period 8

What Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is what comes when high levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides mixes to create an acidic substance. The mix rains down and is harmful to fishes and plants.

What Is Causing Acid Rain?

Mostly human based activities are causing the acid rain. Cars, factories and burning fossil fuels are the main causes but rotting vegetation and erupting volcanoes also put the gases in the air. Burning anything releases the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the air so forest fires is also a reason.

What Does Acid Rain Do?

Acid rain goes into lakes, rivers and wetlands and the water absorbs the aluminum, which makes water toxic to fishes. Some fishes can tolerate the aluminum and are eaten by birds which kill the birds and effects the food chain. The acid also takes the nutrients from soil and makes the trees harder to get nutrients.

Are There Anyways To Prevent This?

The only main way stop acid rain is to stop burning fossil fuels. Using a different kind of energy is also a good way to stop acid rain because power pants will give off less chemicals into the air. Carpooling or using public transportation can help stop so many chemicals from getting into the air.
Causes and Effects of Acid Rain
The smoke from cars and factories mixes with the water vapors in clouds and rains down an acid like substance. The rain poisons the soil for the trees and poisons the water for fishes.