The Revolutionary War

Women Soldiers

Deborah Sampson

Shes from Plympton Massachusetts. She fought in New York under the alias Robert Shurtliff in 1781 and severed for over a year before she was discovered but the Doctor did not say anything so she served for 3 more years is various duties and was wounded twice-the first time by a sword cut in the head and the second time,which was 4 months later, shot through the shoulder. Later she confessed that she was at the headquarters of Washington. General Washington spared her embarrassment and said nothing. Instead, he gave her some refreshments, handed her a note with some advice and a sum of money sufficient to bear her expenses at home. Later she got a letter inviting her and her new Husbend to visit Washington so she could recieve as an acknowlagement fot her servace in the military capacity as a Revolutionary Soldier.
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What if there were no Women in the Revolutionary War?

Women took care of the men as Nurses during the Revolutionary War, if they weren't there then many men wouldn't have been cared for as much. Most men didn't know how to cook, so women cooked for the soldiers. Women sign up for the war to increase the number of soldiers to help with the Revolutionary War. There were also women spies. They would get information about the enemy and send it back to their commanders. They gave very valuable information. Without them the Americans wouldn't have much luck winning the war. They would be starving, more wounded, less information, and less soldiers.

What motives did women have to join the Revolutionary War?

Many Women joined the Revolutionary Because it was a way to earn money for their family, and it was also a rare opportunity to fight for America's Independence. They would cut their hair and adopt masculine names and most important, try not to get caught.