First Semester Review

Mystery Unit 1st & 2nd Grades

The students had a great time solving the mystery of who stole the teddy bear. Once they had solved the crime, they moved right into creating their own mysteries. The students spent 5 weeks writing and editing their stories. Each child shared their story with the class on our last class period before the winter break. The stories were very interesting to listen to. Each child went home with a book of the class stories. i hope enjoy reading them over the break!

The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The students have spent the first semester learning about the culture of Ancient Egypt. We have focused on the ten cultural keys that all cultures share. During the exploration of Egypt the students studied the mummification process. Within that process, they recorded the results and made conclusions of mummifying an orange slice over the coarse of four weeks. They also made a canopic jar to store the internal organs. The sarcophagus was a tomb that held the mummified body. The students made a model of a sarcophagus. We ended with our presentations from our research and made the culture key connections of the Ancient Egyptian culture. We will begin our study of the Mayan culture when we return from break.

Medieval Times - Grade 5

The 5th grade students will present their Medieval Living Village on January 14, 2016 from 6:30-7:30. We have been very busy learning about the historical, social, cultural, and political importance of this time period. the students each researched two medieval topics. that research will be available for you to view at the living village by examining the Book of Knowledge. The students have made illuminations, "stained glass" windows and learned about the art and craftsmen-ship needed to complete real stained glass. Each group also made a team banner that will be on display at the living village. I am looking forward to that night and hope that all of you can join the fun!