Elvis Aaron Presley

By Aarush


Elvis is the king of rock and roll.

He was born on 8 January, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississppi, United States of America. He died on the August 16,1977, Tupelo, Tennesse United States of America.

Early life before famous

Elvis’s brother was still born and was born before Elvis.

Once Elvis’s mother found out that she couldn’t have another baby again, she clung to Elvis like glue, making sure that nothing ever bad happened to him. Elvis first experienced music in church. He enjoyed singing along with the choir. "When Elvis was little", quoted Elvis' mom Gladys, "he would run up the aisle and get on the alter and sing along with the choir. Of course he was too little to know the words, but he could carry a tune." When Elvis was nine, he \a won second prize at a country fair for singing "Old Shep", which is a heartbreaking country song about a boy and his dead dog. Elvis had to stand on a chair to reach the microphone. At the age of 12, Elvis his mom for a bicycle, but she felt that was too dangerous, instead she bought him a guitar worth $12.95. It only had three strings.


Elvis nervously sings with his guitar at a student talent show at H.C high school. At the age of 18, Elvis got a job as a truck driver. One day on the way home, he stopped at Sun Records to record two songs for his mom's birthday. Sam Phillips, who ran Sun Records, liked Elvis's voice so much that he decided to sign him to a recording contract. Once Elvis started making records, they sold so well that they started to attract the attention of national music companies like RCA (Radio Corporation of America). Soon Elvis joined RCA. Elvis sold many records and sang to a hound dog live for the premiere of his new song, "Hound Dog". In March 1957 Elvis Presley bought the famous Graceland! It was a former church but he converted it into a 23 bedroom mansion. It is currently open to tourists.

Adult Famous

After a live performance on March 25, 1961, Elvis stopped singing and spent the next eight years as an actor. In all, he made a total number of 33 films. After that, he was drafted into the army for two years. When Elvis got back, he started singing again. Elvis was a little heavier and had longer hair but his fans loved him anyway. Sadly, it was coming to an end.

June 26, 1977 was when Elvis Presley gave his last live performance at Indianapolis. On August 16, 1977, the night before his concert, Elvis was found dead in the bathroom by his girlfriend Ginger Alden. He died from taking too much medication, sleeping pills, pills to help him wake up, and pills to keep his weight under control. The pressure of being "The King" was too much and eventually led to Elvis's downfall.

Elvis was buried in front of Graceland along with his mom Gladys and his dad Vernon. Approximately 675,000 people visit Graceland each year, which is worth well over $100 million today. Elvis was inducted into the Rock and Roll, Country, and Gospel Hall of Fame and was one of the only two singers to have ever had two Top 5 albums on the charts simultaneously. Elvis's song "Little Less Conversation" has been remixed and played on commercials. Elvis Presley has affected rockers even today and he will always be known as the King of rock and roll


Elvis Aaron Presley was a famous singer. He will be always the king of rock and roll!!