Grade 2 Newsletter


Week 9 Christmas Term 2015


We would like to say a huge thank you for attending our Celebration of Learning this week. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite pieces of work with you. It really makes them feel proud of their achievements. We hope you enjoyed our bone activity too!


Over the past couple of weeks in IPC we have learned what happens to our food after we have eaten it; about the skeleton and what jobs the different bones do; about the importance of exercise and what a healthy balanced diet is.

Next week, we will wrap up our unit by researching what happens to our bodies when we consume bad substances (smoking and alcohol) and then consolidate everything we have learned by having a fun Exit Point. We will reflect on the Human Body unit and discuss what knowledge has been gained, what skills have been practised and what understanding has taken place. Ask your child about their learning in this unit. Hopefully they can tell you about the vast amount of knowledge they have gained and about the science skills we have practised.

We need 3 parent helpers per class for this hands on art / craft activity which will be held on Thursday morning at 10.40 - 12.20. If you can help, please email your child's teacher directly. Thanks in advance for your kind offers.

Language Arts

In Language Arts we have started our author study. The author we are studying in depth is Oliver Jeffers. We watched an excellent clip where Oliver Jeffers talks about how he gets his ideas and how he writes. It was really interesting to observe the children's reaction to seeing a 'real life' and 'cool' author talk about his books. We then read 'Stuck' as a class. You could perhaps hear the laughter at your homes; the children really engaged with the story of Floyd and his kite. The children are now in the process of writing their own version of Stuck. We have used Writers Workshops to go through the process of trying out, editing and re-thinking ideas, just like Oliver Jeffers. In the meantime we are reading other books in Oliver Jeffers' collection.

In CAFE strategy lessons, we are focusing on the C of Comprehension - this fits well with our writing unit. We continue to emphasize the importance of understanding what we read. We are also modelling that in order to improve comprehension skills, good readers ask questions.

Our spelling this week has been the digraph, ar. The children are now becoming much more effective at noticing the focused sounds in their reading. Next week we are focusing on oi and oy together.


In Maths this week we have subtracted numbers within 1000 by regrouping the hundreds, tens and ones. We have been revising our mental methods and choosing the most appropriate way to subtract multiples of 10, 100 and up to 3 digit numbers. Then we progressed onto subtracting across the zero (400 - 279) where we had to regroup the hundreds first to take away our ones.

Next week we will use what we have learnt over the last 6 weeks to solve addition and subtraction word problems. The main focus of this week will be understanding the key vocabulary and representing the problem using the bar model method. We will also continue to develop our mental methods.

Home Learning

Week 10 - due Friday 9th October 2015

Maths: Please complete the pages provided to you, please complete in pencil.

Spelling: Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to complete one spelling activity on Thursday. Please do this in your Home Learning book and remember to write and underline the title.

Handwriting: Please see your child's Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page using pencil.

Reading: Remember to read with an adult for 10-20 minutes each night. Practise re-telling the main points in the text.

Remember to record all reading books in the reading log found in the back of your organiser.

Special Event

During the October half term Rachel Crossland and Sally Baines are fortunate to be joining a high school trip and visiting Tondo, Manila, home of the Ring Pull Project. Please do keep collecting the ring pulls - each one makes a difference! We have pushed back the next collection date to 9th October so keep them coming in.

Rachel and Sally are looking forward to coming back with an update on the project and sharing with the community the ways in which the SJIIES children are making such a difference to peoples' lives.

We have an extra 100kg of baggage allowance and the Project are in desperate need of children's wellies and raincoats. As such, Welly Wednesday is going to take place Weds 23, 30 September and 7 October... bring in all your old wellies to compete in the joyful Welly Toss! Or pay a $5 donation at the office to claim your welly throwing token.

Further details can be found in last week's newsletter and again this week.

Thank you for your ongoing support for such an important cause.

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Looking ahead to 8th October - you are invited to join the Grade 2 and 3 Parent Workshop on Reading. Registration details can be found in the main school newsletter.

Friday 9th October - Dress in Purple Day to show support for Mr Dalgarno as he completes a physical challenge to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. For further details, please see the whole school newsletter.

Save the date

Grade 2A/ 3 Sports Day - new date - Wednesday March 9th 2016