The Kersey Chronicles

Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Just be better than yesterday

If we strive to be perfect, we will surely fail. The only thing we can do is to be better than the person we were yesterday. Every day is a new opportunity for us to grow and improve in little ways. Over time, those little little changes add up to BIG changes that make a BIG difference. I ask students to focus on a small change they can make that will help them be better today than the day before. My goal is to help students see down the road, to all the tomorrows. If they know where they want to go, they know which small, tangible steps to take in order to get there.

Try This At Home ...

Write a letter to a soldier. Discuss the purpose of a letter like this, and take time to plan out what you'd like to say to that person before writing.

Next Week's Set List

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – Students will continue to examine different text structures and analyze how the author's choice of organization affects the story. Specifically, we will focus on compare/contrast.

– We begin a new unit on persuasive writing this week. We examine word choice and purpose to guide us in our writing. Also, students will need to finish writing their fictional narratives on their own. These stories will be published for Art and Author Night on MARCH 24th.

MATH – We will begin Unit 10. This unit is an introduction to algebra (and one of my personal favorite units!)

SPELLING – Unit 21 is on Thursday for those students who are continuing their spelling tests.

SCIENCE – No Science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We continue Unit 3 in Social Studies, which explores the concepts of developing territories, Statehood, and how to live in harmony with others. How can we have freedom within a government structure? How does structure of government represent citizens of Indiana? How did key documents lay the framework for Indiana's constitution?

TIPS – We are rewriting the rubric for Socratic seminar assessments, using more kid-friendly language. This is a great way for students to really understand the purpose of discussing texts.

Fourth Grade Musical

Wednesday, March 18th, 7pm

Noble Crossing Pkwy

Noblesville, IN

Upcoming Events

Week of March 16th: Acuity 3 Readiness test (the LAST one!)

March 18th: Early Release Day, 2:55 Dismissal

March 18th: 4th Grade Music Program, 7pm
**This is a change from the previous date**

March 24th: Art and Author Night, 4:30pm

**YAB are DUE on this date. Students may work on them at home***

March 28th - April 12th: Spring Break

April 21st: ISO Discovery Concert Field Trip, 9:30am