In Cold Blood

By: Truman Capote


At the beginning of the story it has Perry on a bus heading back to Kansas City to meet up with his friend dick. Perry and dick are planning to rob a rich family there who live out of town a little ways away. When he gets off the bus he calls a priest from the jail he use to go to. The priest tells him he should not be in Kansas City. Perry and dick meet up to get supplies for the robbery. They both head out to the house and kill the four family members. They thought that they cleaned up all the evidence and left for town. Their Dick had started writing fake checks and got them some stuff. They then took off to Mexico. They got into Mexico ok and bought a hotel room and spent the night with a prostitute Dick had got. In the morning they had started back for Kansas City for Dick had wanted to go back. They had to sell there car for some money. They stole another car and picked up to people along the way. Once they got to Las Vegas a cop pulled them over and arrested them for the stolen car, not knowing they had murdered a family. Kansas City police heard about Dick and Perry being picked up and head down to see them. They got Dick to tell them It was Perry that killed the family not him. Later Perry tells the police how it all went down and admitted it was him who killed the family. Both were then put in prison to later be hung.

The Book is Non-Fiction

The two essential questions

first essential question: What make American-lit American- In this book Perry want to become an American musician. I think this relates to the essential question, because when it is written by an American and wrote in America its related to America.

Second essential question: How does literature shape or reflect society- I think it helps are society by influencing us to pursue our goals. In this book it tell about how Perry wants to find some gold lost at sea. He had read were it was lost and found a map to lead him to it. He was going to pursue this till Dick didn't allow him to.