The Taj Mahal

By: Mr. Brandale meadows

Do you wonder why the Taj Mahal was built and who built it? don't you also wan't to know how it was built and how it is today? Well get ready for the exploration of the Taj Mahal's history through 1861-- 2014.

Why Was It Built and Who Built It

First, Taj Mahal was built by this man, his name is Shah Jahan. Shah jahan was the one who ordered to build Taj Mahal and to honor his wife's tomb. Some people called it the jewel of master piece, especially the artisans, to them it was like an imaginary dream that had came true and so... the exploration of the Taj Mahal begins.

How Was It Built?

After all, the Taj Mahal actually took over 20,000 workers to build it"what a suprise right." It's made out of an mixture or an alloy of iron and metal. Did you know that the taj Mahal cost more than 32 red rubees and diamonds. Today's Taj Mahal you can't even imagine it standing in India.

How the great Taj Mahal is Standing today?

Today in India the Taj Mahal still honor Shah Jahans wife's tomb. It is visited by more than 200'000 peopl and still some people call it the jewel of masterpiece.
As long as the Taj Mahal stands, it will alway's be considered as the heart of India.