Albania's Human Rights Problems

By: Harish Rangarajan

Backround Information

Albania, (officially the Republic of Albania), is a country in Southeastern Europe. Their capital is Tirana and their currency is the Albanian lek. Their current Prime Minister is Edi Rama. Their current population is 2.774 million and their official language is Albanian.

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Torture, Police Brutality and Kidnappings

In Albania, there have been multiple reports of torture and kidnappings throughout the country . Surprisingly, most of torturing that goes on there has been done by the police. As for the kidnappings, there are cases in Albania as well as Albanians kidnapping people in other nearby countries. These are some of the many reasons why Albania hasn't been permitted into the EU.
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Domestic Violence

There have been many cases of domestic violence in Albania. The targets have mainly been women. Due to Albania having a free market system, the women have been made very vulnerable and more open to be attacked. However, Albanians are now trying to stop this violence by putting Domestic Violence in the Criminal Code. Committing illegal crimes that are listed in the Criminal Code can most of the time put you in jail for 3-10 years, sometimes even for life. They have also opened up a counseling center for women and young girls.
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Conditions of Prisons

While being in prison is a punishment, they are at least supposed to keep you alive. Albania's prisons are dirty and their personnel hardly do anything to help prisoners in need. There have been multiple reports of prisoners having mental breakdowns in prison and never being able to recover. There have also been reports of people dying in prison because of the unsanitary equipment there, such as the bathrooms, showers, cells, etc. Even though we are talking about a prison, it should be at least decent enough to keep your prisoners alive and well.
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These are just a few of the many Human Rights violations going on in Albania. Because of these and many other violations, they will probably never be accepted into the EU, unless they somehow miraculously change their ways and become a better, safer country. To most, though, it is very unlikely.
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