AHS School Supplies

For the 2020-21 School Year

Non-Communal Supplies

Due to the new COVD-19 safety restrictions, students can no longer share supplies. This means that for classes such as Art or Geometry, students and parents will now be given a supply list that states the necessary materials needed for the class. This list can be found on the Alcoa High School Website under each teacher's page. After your child receives their schedule on Orientation Day, July 16th, please check the school website for their supply lists.

The link for information on Orientation Day can be found here.

The following are suggested supplies for all students:

  • Backpack (required)
  • Face Mask
  • Hand sanitizer to keep in Backpack
  • Calculator (specific information can be found here)

New Required Item for ALL STUDENTS

Because every student will be given a Chromebook this school year, all students must have either backpack or carrier to place their Chromebook in when changing classes. Chromebooks are not allowed to be held in the students hand throughout class transition because it could be easily dropped or damaged. If you cannot afford a backpack or carrier, the school will be offering Chromebook pouches on Orientation Day, July 16th.

We need your help

As part of our new cleaning regimen, we will be asking our teachers to clean each desk between classes each day. We will be supplying hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and other sanitizing supplies to each teacher; however, we are having a hard time purchasing enough. We would really appreciate any help you could give in supplying any of the following supplies to help us ensure that we have enough supplies through this first semester.

  • Clorox Wipes (or any other sanitizing wipes)
  • Hand Sanitizer (refills or individual bottles)
  • Paper Towels
  • Latex or Nitrile Gloves
  • Lysol Spray (or any other sanitizing spray)
  • Tissues
  • Box of Disposable Masks