Hero? or Zero?


andrew jackson is a zero because he used way to much power when he was presedant.He forced the natives off there land because they found GOLD on the land. He was just a stuck up pres and didn't listen to the surpream court .

andrew jackson should not be pres

he is a bad pres because  he doesnt do good things . He forced thousands of natives off there land because he found gold. He doesnt't care what the people had to say and did whatever he wanted. He used the spoile system to not to get trouble

bad president

Is Andrew Jackson good??? or bad???

he is bad althoe he helped us in a few ways like building us a militsha,navy and a small standing army. but he is still becausee of some of the stuff he did like the ( trail of tears ) or. The fact that he didn't care what anyone had to say he didn't even care what the surpream court had to say he just did what he wanted and when he wanted to do it