By Ally Condie

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Main Characters : Cassia, Xander, Ky

Setting : Oria Province

In this society...

everything seems to be perfect. The Society's Officials decide everything in your life for you, including who you marry, where you work, and when you die. The main character, Cassia, is waiting to be Matched to the boy she will be married to. When Cassia's best friend Xander appears on the screen, she knows they are well matched. But, when she sees another boys face flash on the screen (Ky) she isn't so sure anymore. Now it is up to Cassia to either decide to live the life the Society has planned for her or go a way no one else has gone before to be with who she wants. She breaks rules and betrays Xander to be with Ky. But little does she know that the officials have been watching their every move. Soon dangerous choices have to be made and Cassia doesn't make the right one which ends up sending Ky into the middle of warfare. The choice she makes is simple - to get Ky - but her journey may not be the easiest.


It uses colloquial language. One example of figurative language is "Welcome, the Official says says in a voice as clipped and sharp as his hair." Another example is "The tray falls on the floor and the cake breaks apart like soil falling from roots." The language is easy to understand and follow along with what's happening.


I really liked this book because I think it was written really well and it kept me wanting to turn the page. My favorite part is when Cassia is with her grandfather and he shows her the secret compartment in her artifact that has an old poem in it because that's when Cassia starts to think more of rebelling and the poem gives her a reminder of her grandfather. If I could change something, I would change how Cassia starts to treat Xander after she is with Ky more. I like all the characters and how their each very unique. I think the entire story comes together and it's everything you would look for in a good book. It's an interesting, addictive, twisted, engaging, elusive book. I would recommend it for any teenager because I think that's the age you could probably connect with it the most.