Sophia Grace's Digital Journal


2/12/16- Stinging Dust, Forgotten Lives- due Tuesday

The dust bowl that occurred in the 1930s is important to environmental and human history because it caused a devastating amount of damage not only to parts of the U.S such as, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas, but to the people that suffered and died as well. The dust storms left dead and dried crops through out the land that it tormented through. Many people were left without food and had to find a way to survive and eat. Not only were the dust storms ruining farms and crops, they were killing people and as a matter of fact, it killed almost 15,000 people through out central U.S. The severe dust storms were causing lung damage to many people that inhaled the dust. It was in 1935 that survivors recall it being "The end of the world" after seeing an "Ominous black cloud" that sent fear to everyone. Due to the fact that the dust storms made life so much harder than what it already was, families packed everything and anything they could onto a jalopy, an old car/ wagon that sent them traveling for a better life. By 1939, rain returned and only a handful of people survived. This devastating decade is know as the "Dirty Thirties" and has opened eyes throughout the world at how meaningful this decade is to the agricultural and environmental history.

Chapter 3-Fight Scene

The fight scene in chapter 3 was definitely an intense moment in the story. Just like George said seconds after the brawl between Curley and Lennie, "This punk sure had it comin' to him." Curley was looking for a fight and knew what he was getting into with a hefty man like Lennie. Sure, a man with mental disabilities might seem like an easy target, but nobody stands a chance against someone who is twice their size. My emotions intensified when Curley "...slashed at Lennie with his left, and then smashed down his nose with the right." I did not fully think that Curley was going to injure Lennie and i figured he was going to stop. At the point where George repeatedly told Lennie to "Go at him" I hadn't realized I was holding my breath. I wanted Lennie to get back at him and show him that Lennie was capable of just as much as any other person, maybe even capable of much more. Due to the fact that Lennie and George were just talking about their American Dream, I thought Lennie and George were going to be "canned" because of the fight that had just occurred. A few paragraphs after the fight scene I was relieved to know that slim got Curley to agree to to cover up the whole reason the fight occurred.