#Peel21st Part 2 - RT Session

A collection of resources from March 22, 2013

We are Kinda going Paperless!

This page is a collection of resources for our session today. Feel free to leave us a comment below to tell us how we are doing.

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The SAMR Challenge

During this challenge you will be using The SAMR Model created by Reuben Puentedura to facilitates discussions around how technology can be used to effectively transform student learning.

  • To watch the Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura explaining the SAMR Model again, click HERE
  • You may want to start following Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura's Weblog by clicking HERE

The SAMR Challenge


  • A teacher you have been working with to further their practice has identified technology integration as an area of need.
  • Use the SAMR Model (right) to identify the level at which technology is currently being integrated in their classroom (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification or Redefinition).
  • Provide descriptive feedback to further integrate technology to have a greater impact on student learning.

Sample Video

Let’s watch how some classrooms are using technology to impact student learning.

Click Here then watch both video clips in iTunes.

  • Clip#3 iPad in High School English Secondary
  • Clip#1 iPad eBook Publishing Elementary

Use the Worksheet to evaluate the level of technology being used by the students in each classroom. Let's take a survey to see what level the group thinks each video falls on the SAMR Model - Click Here

In Partners, for each video:

  • Reveal what level you believe technology is being using in this classroom (SAM or R)
  • Explain why you chose that level
  • Defend your choice
  • Does your partner agree or disagree? Why?

In your table group using a Round Robin format

Share your suggestions (descriptive feedback) on how you could further integrate technology in one of these classrooms to have a greater impact on student learning.

Let's see if your evaluation has changed. Click Here to take the survey again.

Flipping the Classroom

Want to learn more about Flipping your Classroom?

Avoiding Flipped Classroom Common Challenges!

  • Students Don't Watch the Videos - Add a meaning making activity (max 15 min) after watching the video.
  • There is No Way of Knowing if Students Understood the Video - Follow up the next day with an in class activity or ConcepTest (Eric Mazur)


Follow the Prezi to find examples of student work in all four SAMR tiers.

Can an App alone redefine a task and increase learning?

Big image

Tech Talk

This is your turn to share something cool a kid has done using technology.

  • In a Round Robin fashion share samples of What cool things kids can do!

    (activities, lessons, assessments)

  • In small groups (3-4), select a sample. Using the SAMR Worksheet, provide descriptive feedback. Identify ways to further integrate technology into the activity to have a greater impact on student learning.

Learn more ...

Click here to go to Peel 21st Century Teaching and Learning to learn more about a number of instructional frameworks including SAMR and TPACK.
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