The Constitution

Amendment XXVIII

Women are sent to jail if they have given birth to a baby that has difficulties due to drugs being present in its system from the mothers use during pregnancy.


The relevance of this Amendment is that women in the 20th century have been giving birth to babies that have deformities or other disabilities that are due to their drug use or alcohol consumption.


The benefits from this Amendment are that the babies in future generations will not suffer from the disabilities that they do now from the consumption of drugs and alcohol. They will be much healthier and have a more positive influence as well.

Pros & Cons


  • women will not be able to conceive while consuming drugs or alcohol
  • babies will be healthier
  • women in general will become more healthy if they want to conceive and it will convince them to stop abusing drugs and alcohol


  • possible increase in abortions
  • increase in money needed from hospitals and government needed for abortions


This Amendment would have no cost because it is a benefit of the world, and there shouldn't be any money involved in making a change for the better.