The most perfect beautiful utopia in the world!

New New York is a place were friends can be friends without noticing differences between them, we love all types of people, our founders and co founders are all from different races so it's all even. It's modern to use technology in our community, we have sports, we protect wildlife, we have exotic pet stores. It's always sunny here except on bad Mondays. It's so perfect and we always have room for more people our economy can hold up to six billion.


The freedom fighters are the leaders of the community they make sure things stay right and never go wrong the aren't corrupt, if something is wrong in the community it is fixed immediately without any worries, the longest time it took them to fix something was an hour.

Established in 2018

New New York was established by a young boy named darrion,McCullough, a young boy who had an imagination for adventure! He created a utopian society because he lived in a terrible one, he had heart and friends, his friends helped him, then the outcome was new New York a perfect place for any body. Darrion is still alive today but he is retired, but he is still full of joy because of all the happiness he brung along to the residents of new New York.

The population

We have a population of 6 billion, all of the children here go to 5A schools, aren't spoiled, and are hard workers and nobody is poor.

Our contacts

How to contact one of our movers to come into our beautiful utopia