President Roosevelt

By: Lukas Martin


T.R. was born in October 27, 1858, in new York. Roosevelt didn't stay long in law school, but he ran for state assembly as a state representative in new York, becoming the youngest in that position at that time. with the death of his mother (February 14, 1884) he left Dakota territory for two years. he lived as a cowboy and cattle rancher until 1886.He than Returned to his political life. Roosevelt left his government position to take part in the Spanish american war where he organized a calvary known as the Rough Riders. With his new calvary he lead a charge up the San Juan Hill in the battle of San Juan Heights in 1898. After the battle was won he was awarded a metal of honor, and later won the presidential election because of his new founded popularity. During his presidential term he founded the Bull Moose Party.

Dealing with imperialism

T.R. was very into imperialism and was a leader in the imperialism rush at the time. He had a very big impact in the actions caused by the Spanish American war. T.r. brought the platt amendment into the constitution, giving america the power to intervene with cuban affairs, He also had a part in The Big Stick Diplomacy and the Portsmouth treaty.