LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Well, last week didn't exactly go as planned, did it? Although some snow days were fun, it's time to get back into the swing of things! That means that last week's Parents Night at LIFT is moved to this Wednesday!!! Please try and join your student at LIFT this week. You'll get to see what your student enjoys each week, take some fun family photos, and even WIN FABULOUS DOOR PRIZES!!! Don't miss it!

At LifeLine this week, since we finished up a deep and difficult study on how to minister to atheists, we're just gonna spend some time playing games and having fun this week! So, this Sunday is Game Night 6-7:15pm in the Annex!

Mark your calendars for Sunday Nights starting February 23rd, as I'll be teaching a special discipleship class geared toward parents of teenagers. The study is all about technology and how it affects the next generation. Not only will you learn about some of the ins-and-outs of common apps and programs, but you'll also learn about what these trends reflect about modern culture and how that affects the life of your teen. Check this Sunday's bulletin at church for details and a schedule!

Ski Trip signups are closed! It's coming up Feb. 18-22, and it will be awesome! The packing list and detail sheet can be found HERE!

Important Dates:

  • Parents Night @ LIFT February 5th!
  • Ski Trip Feb. 18-21, 2014
  • Graduate Sunday May 18th
  • Student Life Mission Camp @ Myrtle Beach, June 16-20, 2014

Last Week's Message from LIFT!

Gods Sovereignty 3

Parent Follow-Up

Dear Parents,

I’ve hoped that something would have changed over the past few weeks as your son or daughter spent time in God’s Word. Our time with the Bible is never wasted, for even something we overlook today can be recalled tomorrow. Every time we’ve dug into the Scriptures I’ve been praying (as I’m sure you have) that all our students would grow leaps and bounds with the Lord.

In contrast, there is one thing that I’ve been thankful hasn’t changed during this time. God is still sovereign and not one thing we do can change that. Thankfully, He lets us have freewill in the midst of His sovereignty and uses our choices to fold into His greater plans. Still, no matter what shape the world is in today versus three weeks ago when we started this series of lessons, the fact remains that God is God.

This week we recognized this by seeing how true freedom and rest can be found in the truth of God’s sovereignty. I’m not always sure what’s happening in your household, but I’m sure you can relate to what it means to ooze into your favorite couch or chair when the bills are paid, versus pacing around and wondering how things will turn out this week/month/year. It’s just like how we can have an even greater peace when we trust in Someone (God) versus something (money or other forms of false security). Because we know that God triumphs and is sovereign, we can see through whatever thing we’re going through today with real vision.

We looked at the following Scripture passages:

  • Romans 8:31-39
  • Romans 5:8
  • Matthew 6:25-33

Take a look through those on your own, and then spend time reading them with your son or daughter. Perhaps do it as you rest on your favorite couch or chair. J

Next Steps…

During the next week as you have time to talk with your teenager, consider asking the following questions:

  • What is your favorite vacation spot? What about it make you enjoy it?
  • When have you most felt at ease in life (or on vacation)?
  • What is one thing that you’ve learned about God that helps you find freedom and rest in Him?

Really dig deep and look for those thoughts behind their thoughts. For all you know you may uncover something about your kid that changes the way you trust in God together!