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Monday 5th November 2012

Hi, I'm Shakeera Mastoor. On this blog you would find the top 5 songs of the week. I will then review each song briefly and then rate it from what I think of the song.

The 5th top song this week is...
Adele- Skyfall
This song is really mysterious. Adele really shook the song with her beautiful voice. This relates to the genre of Skyfall. The song has a great ground bass which gives the song a low beat that links to the voice of Adele.

The 4th song this week is...
Swedish Mafia House ft John Martin
This song really builds your mood up. It makes you feel like you shouldn't worry. :D This song has got a really good fast tempo beat. This makes the song really catchy too.

The 3rd song this week is...
Wiley ft Ms D, Skepta and Jme
This is a true raving song. It is a really fun type. There is Wiley's singing which is awesome and Ms D singing which matches with Wiley. And let's not forget Skepta and Jme which make this song really party typed.

The 2nd song this week is...
Labrinth ft Emeli Sande- Beneath your beautiful
This song is really nice. Labrinth's voice sounds really calm along with Emeli Sande. This song is really catchy and it is peaceful.

The 1st BEST song of this week is...
Robbie Williams- Candy
Now this is a great tune. It is really fun to listen and sing too. The beat in the back is fast and loud which makes it jolly song. It is quick especially the chorus which is a happy song ingredient. :P

Now this has been the top 5 songs of the week! :D