Austinville Elementary

November 9 - 13 News

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Ms. Felicia Woodruff Receives WHNT's "Tools For Schools" Nomination From Foster Grandmother

Ms. Joie Hannay works as a foster grandmother at Austinville each day in Ms. Woodruff's first grade. She sees first hand how a few extra dollars could help in the classroom. This month, Ms. Joie nominated Ms. Woodruff for WHNT's "Tools for Schools" award.

Ms. Joie says, " I am inspired daily by her enthusiasm, compassion and the joy she brings to her teaching. Ms. Woodruff is always upbeat and her primary focus is always to inspire her first graders to learn and do more."

WHNT's crew paid a visit to Austinville to film the award presentation which will air on the 18th. These two ladies always wear a smile and are assets to the Austinville staff.

Students Enjoys Annual Tulip and Daffodil Bulb Planting

The Nutcracker Parachute

The Nutcracker is a Christmas ballet. In Music, the students are using the parachute and moving to the Trepak, or Russian Dance from the Nutcracker. Dr. G's instruction has taught students that the form of this music is AABA. Students have performed specific movements using the parachute every time they hear the music repeat. And as you can see from their smiles, they are enjoying it.

Message from Nurse Tracy

The STOMACH BUG is here at Austinville and he is not a welcome guest! Use the following tips to stay healthy and we'll kick this bug out of school!

  • Always wash your hands!
  • Do not eat after anyone and keep fingers out of your mouth.
  • If you are sick, do not come to school.
  • You must be fever free for 24 hours to return to school.

Stay Healthy!

Nurse Tracy

Student Council Promotes Drive to STOP HUNGER

Student Council continues their mission to stop hunger by speaking during morning announcements to encourage Austinville's students. The goal in this drive is 1,000 cans for the school and 2 cans per child. This year's theme is "Friends Don't Let Friends Go Hungry; Be a HERO, STOP HUNGER." As of today, November 13, Austinville students and staff have contributed 680 cans toward the cause. There is one week left in the student council canathon. Mrs. Leah Archer and Mrs. Sophie Gillette sponsor this group.

Second Grade Hears Ray Russell Share Memories

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Student Council Encourages Austinville Students to Recycle

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Third Grade Begins Violin Lessons

Mrs. Williams' Third Grade Uses Leaves for Turkey Art

Mark Your Calendars!


  • 18 Orders Due for Apples and Potatoes Fundraiser
  • 19 Progress Reports Go Home
  • 19 Thanksgiving Lunch for Families of Students in Grades Pre-K through Second Grade
  • 20 Apples and Potatoes are Delivered
  • 20 Last Day to send money for Corn Roast
  • 20 Club Day
  • 25 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 26 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 27 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed