By Joshua Snowden

The Beginning

January 30th, 1933, a nightmare began. Germany soldiers had started gathering the Jews into a group. After grouping them up, they would then split them up into three different groups, commonly splitting families apart. They would then travel all to their own camps.


"The Holocaust was the most evil crime ever committed." -Stephen Ambrose

Life During The Holocaust

The Jews would be separated in different types of groups. The men, the women, and the kids and elderly. They were, then, sent to the camp they were directed to. The men were mostly there to work along with the women. They weren't givin much food throughout the day, which depends on the work that they did for that day The kids and elderly, along with weak men and women, were sent to extermination camps where they were sent into chambers. The chamber would be filled up with poisonous gas once they were in.