By: Mya Foley

Why shall thou join my army against the Pro- Industrialization?


The industries strike back at the people! Such a sad time for the city of Falah-Falah, another child lost his life working hard in the factory. The young boy stands on his feet for hours, upon hours, only one break.. very malnourished. He Was trying to to get something that fell in between the cotton wheel, and lost his arm and then bled out due to the massive wound. You will be missed young child...In Loving Memory Of Charlie Williams..

In Loving Memory Of..

Reasons why people are starting to be Anti-Indusrialization

A lot of child labour is presented in these factories, women and men started working from when they were kids and still are. SHOCKING NEWS!! Due to enclosure movement, peasants and small farmers became landless and unemployed while wealthy landowners increased their holdings. HOW MUCH MORE CAN THE PEOPLE TAKE?