Poster On Iraq!

The Very Cool


  • There are 2 main ethnic groups in Iraq the Arabs and the Kurdish.
  • In Iraq its common to have an arranged marriage (you marry your first cousin).
  • Its offensive to eat with your left hand.

Weather and Geography

  • Sandstorms are not fun in Iraq the can last from 20 days to 50 days.
  • the seasons in Iraq are simple they have there wet season (Nov. to Apr.) and dry season (May to Oct.)
  • mostly desert with mild winters and dry hot cloudless summers.
  • their terrain is mostly broad plains.
  • during spring in northern Iraq the drastic weather change causes lots of flooding.

Recent Wars and Battles

  • Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq and didn't care for his people he treated then unfairly
  • He was a person that had close ties to the United States but they were broken after his plans where uncovered
  • Saddam supported terrorism and invited the Al-Qaeda (the terrorist community) into Iraq
  • after 9/11 a war broke out two years later
  • the war lasted 8 years and cost $800,000,000 (800 million)