7 Characteristics Of a Civilization



People need language to communicate. Language is a meaning of communication.

Cuneiform is an example of language in Mesopotamia. It is their first writing.

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People use art to express their feelings. It is a very good ways to let others know about what we think and feel. Many people has a big flexibility with art. Art is an example of expressing what happened million years ago or just now. Today people still use art for the same thing that Mesopotamian used it million years ago. In this time we still seen what they made and it also help us to know about the history.
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The humans have the need of believe in something that make them feel in peace, the people puts their faith in a God or gods. The Mesopotamian were polytheist, they believed in different goddesses , they used the religion to receive protection on war. They were very involved with spirits. In our time we have a similar religion, there are many people who believe in God (Jesus), but there are many others who believe in a force or in many other things.
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People need government to keep the order in a country, they use the laws to regulate the way the people should behave and to know what they can do and don't. It also help to develop the businesses and the economy. The Mesopotamian had their own government and they order when go to war or not. They had Kings and Nobles who decide how make the things and how to adore their gods.
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The society is divided in social classes it identify who has more authority, prestige or material possessions. A person with a better social class can receive better education, health care, houses, land and animals. The same thing happen with the Mesopotamian who had their classes including slaves. Those with higher social class could buy slaves and keep them.
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The surplus of food is the abundance of aliment it also could be food in excess. The excess of food could be lost if nobody need it. In the civilization of Mesopotamia the people had a lot of food therefore no everybody need to work the land to eat. That is why some people created clothe, tools, jars and many others thing to exchange for food. In our time we use the money to exchange it for food.
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People use technology to do things easier. People use technology for everything, in the education in the manufacturing in the transportation and in many other areas. When we use our imagination we can apply the technology to create something that can help us. The Mesopotamian used many technology because they invented many thing that help the daily live of the people, for example, they made the first wheel and today we still using that technology in the cars, bicycles, and toys between other things.
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