Board Briefs

Summary of the August 10, 2021 Board Meeting at Westbrook

Board Briefs is a newsletter-style overview of the highlights of the Board of Education's discussion and action. You can find the meeting agenda online here, and look for minutes of the meeting to be posted after they are approved at the next BOE meeting (September 20, 2021).

Board Meeting Live Stream & Recording

If you were watching the meeting via the live stream on YouTube, you noticed that the stream abruptly ended after a power and internet outage due to the severe weather. The stream resumed when the power did. Thus, there are two recordings of the meeting available:

Public Hearing: 2021-2022 Opening Plan

Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli and other District 34 leaders presented the 2021-2022 opening plan, including the outline of ESSER funding.

The goal of the plan is to keep all students, in person, every day in the safest environment possible. Key areas of the plan and the health and safety protocols the District will follow include:

  • In-person instruction a priority (no GOAL School)

  • 3’ distancing as much as possible

  • Masks required for all in buildings and on buses, regardless of vaccination status (not required outdoors)

  • Staff vaccination required

  • Contact tracing continues

  • Optional SHIELD testing implemented

  • Student proof of vaccination voluntary

  • Dashboard reporting resumes, includes local SHIELD testing data

  • Health offices/infirmaries remain (RNs in every building)

  • Cleaning/ventilation

  • No self assessments, but health reminders

The District will update the "Back2School" area of the website with details of the protocols in the coming days.

Community Participation: Public Hearing on Opening Plan

The following community members provided public commend during the public hearing:

  • Justin Schweig, parent of D34 students, voiced his concerns about the safety and health of children and encouraged the District to offer a remote learning option for those who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.
  • Karen Hui, parent of D34 students, expressed support of in-person learning but also encouraged the District to offer a remote option for those who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.
  • Jennifer Patel, parent of D34 students, expressed disagreement with masking of children in schools and urged the Board of Education not to adopt the mandate.
  • Wes Opas, parent of D34 students, expressed his wish that the District offer a mask-optional school environment, or provide a remote-learning option.
  • Teodora Bogdan, parent of D34 students, expressed discomfort in wearing a mask herself and encouraged the Board to either make masks a parental decision or offer an online option for children who are not able to wear a mask and who are not yet able to be vaccinated.
  • Joanna Druzgala, parent of D34 students, expressed concerns about requiring masks indoor and demanded respect for personal choices.
  • Karina Trapp, parent of D34 students, said that she supports the parents' choice to decide what is best for their children, and expressed concerns about the distribution of Attea's Equity Editorial.
  • Mark Trapp, parent of D34 students, stated that the last school year was not successful and it was difficult for everyone. He encouraged the District to stick with the basics of teaching reading, writing and math.
  • Afshan Qadeer, parent of D34 students, encouraged the District to offer a remote learning environment for students who are not yet eligible for vaccination.

Superintendent's Reflections

Each month, Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli updates the Board of Education and the community about programs, events, notable achievements, and other timely information and celebrations.
Dr. Delli asked Director of Communications and Strategic Planning Cathy Kedjidjian to share an overview of ThoughtExchange survey results. The surveys, conducted in the late spring and throughout the summer, had high response rates among staff and families. Participants shared ideas and rate others’ responses. Results showed common themes, differing perspectives, ideas that resonate and those that don’t.

ThoughtExchange also was used to gather input from building leaders on their focus for the start of the school year, to help the District understand how best to help them support staff, students and families.

Big picture


The Board approved the consent agenda, which included a personnel report and payroll and vendor warrants and approval of master agreement with Hygieneering. The Board also approved a resolution to authorize imprest funds, the 2021-2022 reopening plan, the GEA memorandum of understanding for the sick bank, ThoughtExchange contract, GPA memorandum of understanding agreement extension and change order resolution.


The Board discussed the following items:

Health & Dental Rates: Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Eric Miller, presented information on health and dental insurance rates for 2022. He shared that the Compensation Committee reviewed possible changes. In 2022, the prescription program will change to offer savings to both employees and the Board/District. Overall, there will be a rate increase for all PPO Medical plans of 2% and an increase for HMO Medical plans of 8% There will be a rate increase for dental insurance of 5.2%.

Final Fiscal Year 2022 Budget: Mr. Miller presented the final budget for FY2022. Based on expenses continuing to outpace revenues in the coming year, the Board will vote on a budget that shows an operating deficit of just under $2M. The Board will hold a public hearing on the budget on September 20, 2021.

Unaudited Fiscal Year 2021 Financials: Mr. Miller shared a budget summary of FY2021. Overall, the District realized a $1.1M operating deficit, or 1.6% of expenses (which was a lower deficit than budgeted).

Board Policies.

Community Participation: Regular Meeting

The community is encouraged to attend Board of Education meetings, and contribute during the community participation periods. In this regular Board of Education meeting, the Board included one opportunity for community participation. Karen Hui, parent of D34 students, encouraged the District to allow non-vaccination status to be a medical condition allowing a remote option for children who are not eligible for vaccination.

Glenview District 34 is governed by a seven-person Board of Education, elected by the community, that consists of the following individuals:

  • Scott Nelson (President)
  • John Heggie (Vice President)
  • Mike Korman (Secretary)
  • Jim Baumstark
  • James Dolan
  • Natalie Jachtorowycz
  • Diane Stefani

You can find information about Board members, meeting dates, Board policies and more on the District 34 website.

You can contact the Board at