Dakota H.S. ~ Accolades Information

Luncheon on May 12th & Award Listing

Dakota High School

David Burkman, Principal & EL Director

Jim Keal, Assistant Principal

Ila Hegg, Adm. Asst.

Arati Heath, Summer School & EL Adm. Asst.

Dakota High School Motto

Dakota High School will provide a student-centered alternative instructional program to allow students to obtain a high school diploma and to learn skills necessary to be productive, responsible citizens.

Dakota High School Accolades Luncheon

Congratulations to our students who have achieved Accolades status for the 2022-23 school year!

Our awards luncheon for parents & students for our Accolades year-end celebration luncheon will be held on Friday, May 12, 2023, at 11:20 a.m. in Room #115. Letters will be sent home with this information to Accolade parents Friday, April 21st.

Criterion for a student to achieve Dakota High School Accolades:

  1. Must attend a minimum of 2 DKHS sessions
  2. Average a minimum of 2 course completions per session
  3. Average a minimum or 3 P/R points for the year = Good Attendance
  4. GPA for the year at Dakota High School must be at least 2.8
  5. No unresolved ICUs or Dakota High School community issues

Students who have earned Accolades

Darjon Jamal Abdullah

Hannah Mae Abrahamson

Bobbi Jo Beutler

Bailey Kay Boelke

Carsen Paul Bussard

Katelynn Patricia Charging

Emma Elizabeth Collins

Ashley Marie Gabbert

Tyrese Lamont Gordon

Drew Alexander Harvey

Alexis Christine Hedrick

Pura Miel Olivia Leed Larson

Jzainea Breann Livingood

Jenna Nichole Martodam

Caroline Clement Nissko

Clara Jean Sauvageau

Gabriel Dylan Smith

Luke Arthur Tran

Ava Frances Volk

Antanisha Mon’e Ward

Alex John Webster