The Laboratory

The 6th Grade Laboratory


is knowledge gained by systematic study ( What can we do to make Science more fun to learn?

Class Setup & Equipment

The desk should be longer so that students can work with a partner. Black desks should be used because you will not be able to see stains if anything is spilled on them. Some of the equipment needed are goggles for eye protection, lab coats so your clothing is protected, microscopes so that you can look closer at things, and test tubes and containers to hold liquids.

What Will It All Look Like?

There will have to be 4 people per table for the tables to fit in a 10X10 classroom. The classroom would need 7 tables for 26 students. There would be a small demonstration area next to the sink for easy clean up. The materials can be stored in bins under the sink and under the demonstration table. There should be posters of the topics that will be taught during the school year to motivate the students.

Science and Technology

Each student should have a device like a ipad or laptop for research. It would also be good for taking notes and creating presentations.