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March 7, 2014

Fantastic Fancy Fractions

This week we are learning about fractions in math! Fractions are parts of whole numbers. When fractions are added together equally, it makes a whole. So far, we have made 8 models showing the different ways to make a whole with fractions. We have played 3 fraction math games in class so far. They help us add or subtract fractions from the whole number. One was called Cover Up and the point was to cover up the whole strip with different fractions. It helped us by showing us different ways to make a whole number. Soon we hope to learn to divide and multiply fractions. In life, fractions help you with things such as cooking or baking. We know that you learned fractions in 2nd grade, but now that we're in 5th grade things get more complicated and challenging. We are up for the challenge!

By: John Henry and Haili

Book Club

We just started our second book club, but it's a little different. Unlike our first book club we
are reading this book as a class. This historical story, Blood on the River is very entertaining
and also very informing. The author of this book is Elisa Carbone. This book is about the
Jamestown settlement. Mrs.Goodman gave each of us a name of someone who was at the Jamestown settlement. Some of us were poor and struggled to live a healthy life and some of us were wealthy and let other people do the dirty work for them. Another thing that's different about this book club is that we have to write a diary based on the perspective of our person. Since the book doesn't have the perspective of each person we base our diary on what's going on for the type of person we have. For example, if in the book some gentlemen were getting in a fight and my specific person was a gentlemen I would imagine I was one of gentlemen in this fight and write my own made up perspective. We have had a great time working on this book club. What we really like about this book club is the diary entry. It makes us feel like we were someone who was in this historical story.

by Myles and Braulio


We had a lot of fun at the Dance a thon. We were Goodman's Glow Sticks and we all dressed in neon colors. We danced our hearts out. We also wore cool neon glasses to jazz up our outfits. We had so much fun! There was a DJ and he gave out prizes for the best dancers. It is also a fundraiser for our school. It was in the activity center at Skyline Elementary. There were about 100 to 150 kids at once at the activity center. They also gave us GROM BOMBS at the end. They are a tasty energy drink and are very refreshing. We're so happy that we had the Dance-A-Thon!

By: Blake and Jessy

Astro Camp

Fifth grade students are getting very excited for Astro Camp. Astro Camp is fun for all students. The camp is three days and two nights long. Astro Camp is located in Idyllwild. Fifth graders are going to take a bus ride over there. We will be learning about astronomy and science through hands-on experiences. Astro Camp has zip lining and other outdoor activities, and science experiments. Students will be spending their nights in cabins. Here are some things that you should bring: old shirts/pants, rain gear, snow gear, swim suits, sleep wear, a sleeping bag and your good attitude. This year's fifth graders are going to have a blast at Astro camp!

By Jared and Taran

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

I've been noticing people have been saying words that are not okay for school. What should I do?


Concerned Student

Dear Concerned Student,

I understand that you have been hearing these words and I do not like hearing these words either. It hurts my little dragon ears and I think it is not okay. What you should do is tell an adult if they are saying these words or maybe another student. If they are saying these words for fun like just playing around, I would say that you should go up and say that it is not okay to say those words in school. If they don't listen and keep saying these words my best suggestion is to go and tell an adult. I hope this letter helped your problem.



Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Q: What are the three ships that set sail to Jamestown in 1606?

A: The Discovery, The Susan Constant, and The Godspeed.
B: The Mercedes Benz E series, The Titanic's Lifeboat, and The Disney Cruise Ship
C: The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria
D: The Mayflower, The Endurance, and The Adventure

Q: What are three captains of these ships?

A: Roald Dahl, Ronald McDonald, and Justin Bieber
B: John Ratcliffe, Bartholomew Gosnold, Christopher Newport
C: Christopher Columbus, Ernest Shackleton, and Marco Polo
D: James Browne, Henry Peterson, and Martin Wingfield

Q: What is a way to get one whole?

A: 6/57+9/46
B: 100/100+12/500
C: 90/100+1/10
D: 82/100+16/100

Q: Which of these elements makes up more than half of the Earth's crust?

A: Silicon
B: Gold
C: Carbon
D: Oxygen

Q: Which of these fractions is equivalent to 4/36?

A: 1/9
B: 3/18
C: 4/12
D: 69/36


1: A

2: B

3: C

4: D

5: A

by: Austin and Ameeta

Technology or Not

In the recent years a lot of schools are using technology, like computers, even iPads or a device like that. We think all schools should have the same technology. We are going to tell you reasons why it is good. If you are doing a writing project and saving it in folders sometimes it gets lost. But, on your iPad or computer it saves all of your documents until you delete them when you don't need them anymore. When you need Information fast you can just open your iPad and look it up online instead of needing to get a book and look for it. With technology in school there are a lot of fun ways to learn. Some sites we use are Khan Academy and Dream Box. We are advancing in technology and eventually writing won't be needed at all. It will be considered a primitive form of communication. If you need to share assignments you can just use Google Drive to save and share. That is why we think technology should be implemented in all schools.

By: Graycin and Eli

Top 5

For this week we did top 5 fast foods!! We went around asking different kids which one they liked the best. Pizza got first place!! To us that wasn't a surprise. Also hot dogs got 5th, French fries got 4th, pasta got 3rd place and a close runner up, sausages, got 2nd! We hope you like one of these awesome foods!!!!

5. Hot Dogs

4. French fries

3. Pasta

2. Sausages

1. Pizza

by Luke and Tanner

Beyonders -A World Without Heroes

Imagine you have just arrived in a magical world, unarmed and have no idea what happened. That's how thirteen year old Jason Walker feels when he gets transferred into a magical world called Lyrain. In Lyrain, Jason meets another person that came from Earth to the mythical universe named Rachel. Lyrain is ruled by a evil person named Maldor. Soon Jason, Rachel, and their friends make an attempt to try and defeat the hateful emperor. Will their attempt fall short, or will Lyrain be free from the evilness that ruled their world for many years?

I thought the book Beyonders-A World Without Heroes was a very good book. One thing I liked about the book very much was that it was in a very creative setting. I personally think the setting is a big part of any book because it helps you imagine the story better. When the setting is very creative, then it gives the reader more chances to imagine the story, which I enjoy. Something I wished was different about the book was that the names were not so hard to pronounce. Due to the fact that the story takes place in a magical universe, some names are hard to pronounce. The author of the book is Brandon Mull, and he visited our school earlier this year. This is the first book out of a three book series, I have read the whole series and it is a good book series as well as the first book. I would recommend this book to 4th-6th grade readers who like books about mythical adventures. Beyonders- A World Without Heroes is a real page-turner all throughout the book and will keep you up past your bedtime.

By: Trey

Seen and Heard by Maribel and Josselyn

Editors: Ava and Lucas

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