The dairy of anne frank

By: Ariel denz


Anne was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne's language is Dutch. Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam because the Nazis got control over Germany in 1933. In 1942, the Jewish population increased and Anne and her family went into hiding behind a bookcase where her father worked. Anne lived there until 1944 because the Nazis found them and they were sent to the concentration camps. Anne died in February 1945 and she was 15 years old.

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The theme, we must have courage when faces with obstacles during The Diary of Anne Frank.

During the war that Anne an her family had to going in hiding. Mr.Frank told his family that “We were going into hiding” (372). They all were scared when they went into hiding but Mr.Frank always gave them courage that they could make it through the war. Another example of courage shown in the play is when they been hiding for a while. They all have courage to be hiding “For the past two years we lived in fear” (433). Even thought they been hiding for the past two years they still live with fear because they don't want to get caught by the nazi. Another example of courage shown in the play is when the nazi find them. When the nazi finds them they have courage to actually “They’ve allowed us five minutes to get our things” (433). The nazi allowed them five minutes to get what ever they needed like cloths and food.

The theme, people will always hope that they will never get caught.

They don't won't to get caught because they all will die sooner or later. When someone broke into the house Mrs. Van Daan said, “We’ve got to do something… Quick! Quick! Before they come back” (406). Mrs. Van Daan was freaking out because Peter fall on the floor when the person broke into the house. Another example of hope shown in the play is that some people when they start thinking they just get mad about it. Anne told Peter just to think and he said, “Look at us, hiding out for two years. Not able to move” (431). Peter was getting mad because he thought about how they been hiding about and not been able to move between 6 p.m. To 8 p.m. Another example of hope is shown in the play is that some people always live in fear but now all they can do is hope they will make it through obstacles. When the nazi found them Mr. Frank said, “For the past two years we have lived in fear. Now, we can live in hope” (433). All of them been living in fear that they would get caught and die but now they have to live in hope because the nazi found them and he don't know what will happen to them after that.


The journal repents how Anne always writes in her dairy. Everything that Anne thinks about or happens she would write about it. When Anne know things ways getting worse she wrote in her dairy “The air raids are getting worse. They come day and night” (400). Anne wrote that in her dairy because the Nazis went past the house day and night without stoping. Another example of the symbol paragraph is Anne told Peter what she wants to be. Anne told Peter that she wants to be “I want to be a journalist or something. I love to write” (421). Anne wants to be a journalist because she loves to write about anything that happens. Another example of the symbol paragraph is when they got found and the Nazis. When the Nazis found Anne and her family she wrote in her dairy “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart” (434). Anne always believed that at heart people are really good.

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