Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks


Keyboard Shortcuts

Like Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office apps, Outlook has unique keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to waste time moving your mouse around or drilling down through menus. Learn the ones you use most and you'll speed through your Outlook tasks. Some you may find useful:

Ctrl + R: reply to email

Alt + R: reply to all in email or switch to the work week calendar view

Alt + W: forward email or switch to the weekly calendar view

Ctrl + M: F9 to Send/Receive all

Alt + S: Send email

Ctrl + G: open the "Go to date" dialog to jump to any date in the calendar

Rearrange Folders

Creating Inbox Rules

Drag & Drop Calendar

Quick Access Toolbar



Insert Calendar

Schedule an Email

  • Click on New Email
  • Click on Tags
  • Click on Do Not Deliver Before
  • Set Your Delivery Date

Boomerang Add - In

  • Click on the Microsoft Store icon - top right corner
  • Type Boomerang in search box & press enter
  • Click "Add" - follow "Get Started" prompts
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Desktop Notifications

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