Leaving Foster-Home

A Family Reunion: By Drew Arnett

By: Drew Harrison Arnett

10 Hours Heavy Rainfall with Thunder Ambient Sleep Sounds la lluvia del sueño tormenta Thunderstorm

A Family Reunion

When I was taken from my family and put into a foster-home I felt dead. There was nothing that could make me happy again, that was until I found out that I was returning to my family after three years of being locked up. When I was getting ready to leave, a storm started to form. The clouds were as dark as the night sky, the rain fell fast and hard. The truck we were driving was bright red with black stripes on the sides. The windows were tinted, and were kind of like sunglasses because they made it easier to see the sun. The person that was driving was crazy, I thought he was high or something. The boys there were the dumbest, stupidest, most idiotic jerks in the world. They never let me do what I thought was fun, they never shut their mouths. The one boy I hit in the face with a basketball multiple times, was Jackson. Jackson, he was the supposedly the "smartest" person in the house, but trust me he wasn't. Anyway they always put me down, made think I wasn't good enough to be on this earth. So I always second guessed myself. So when I found out that I was returning home, I kind of made fun of the other kids, saying my parents cared enough to get me back. Then the storm came which made getting home hard. The winds were strong enough to keep the doors from being opened. So getting to the truck was fun. The worst part was getting passed the horses, for some reason they weren't in the barn like they were supposed to be. So when we got to the truck everyone was relieved and satisfied. The drive back to Longview took forever, and the music Mr. Dave played was so annoying, it was opera music. If you don't know that I hate Opera music then you do now. I never liked opera music, country music, and rap. The ride was rough, the rain and the thunder were cool. When we stopped at E-Z mart, I spent $15 dollars buying food, because I went a whole day without eating. A few hours later we made it to the place where our parents were suppose to pick us up. When my parents arrived I ran to them as fast I could, and wrapped my hands around them. That is when I returned home and I was actually happy again.
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