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September 2019 News

Ross Glen School


“Fostering responsible citizenship through holistic development”


“As a professional learning community, we are committed to nurturing holistic development, promoting life-long learning and encouraging our students to become responsible citizens.”


Ross Glen School values the following:

Effective teaching,

Effective learning,

A holistic approach,


Responsible citizenship,

Life-long learning

Ross Glen School Goals

1. Improving Quality Evidence of Learning for ALL Students through Effective Assessment & Reporting Practice.

2. Increasing Literacy for ALL Students through Impactful Instruction.

On-Going Focus: Improving the School's Collaborative Response Model (CRM) to better support student learning.

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As parents and guardians, you are a critical part of your child's learning team. You know your child(ren) best. You have the power to influence how your child(ren) views education and learning. With your support and positive involvement, our school becomes a place where all children can learn, grow and thrive. The staff at Ross Glen look forward to working with you as a team to educate your child(ren)'s mind and hearts.


Educational Assistants

Our educational assistants are a valued part of our school team.


The warning bell rings at 8:15 and students are expected to be in their classroom by 8:20 for announcements. The morning instructional block is from 8:25 a.m. to 11:51 a.m. The afternoon instructional block is from 12:40 p.m. to 2:40 p.m. If your child arrives late (after 8:20am), please have them check in at the office. Your child will be given a late slip upon a late arrival. This late slip communicates to the teachers that your child's attendance has been modified by the office.


If you are picking your child up throughout the day, for appointments or if they are sick etc., please check them out at the office. This is part of our safety procedures to ensure we know who is in and out of our building in the event we have a fire drill etc.

Medicine Hat Public School Division Attendance Codes

We all know attendance at school matters. We are trying to work together with families to support their child in attending school. Therefore we have expanded our list of attendance codes to ensure the attendance data is accurate.

When you call the school to notify us that your child will be absent we will ask which code applies.

Honoring Instructional Time

Our goal is to honour our instructional time and limit disruptions for our students and staff. If you are dropping something off for your child, please drop it off in the office and we will ensure your child receives it, without disrupting their or their classmates' learning.

Safety Procedures

Any visitors, including parents, in the school must also sign in at the office. This is part of MHPSD's safety procedures to ensure we know who is in the building as your child(ren)'s safety is our number 1 priority. Also, if an emergency situation arises, we can ensure all students, staff, parents, and visitors are accounted for whether we remain in the building or evacuate. When you sign in, we will provide you with a visitor pass so all adults and children know you have signed in and have permission to be in the school.


September School Events

Tues. Sept. 3rd - First day of school for students

Wed. Sept. 4th - RG Online Clothing store open

Tues. Sept. 10th - BATUS Band and Bugles Presentation

Tues. Sept. 10th - School Council meeting from 7-8pm

Sun. Sept. 15th - RG Online Clothing store closes

Fri. Sept. 20th - Professional Learning Day - no school for students

Sept. 27th - Spirit Day - Wear school colours (grey or burgundy)

Sept. 27-29 - Alberta Culture Days

Sept. 30th - Orange Shirt Day (

Ross Glen School Clothing

We are happy to announce we have a new line of Ross Glen clothing available to our school community for purchase! We know school clothing creates a sense of belonging, builds a feeling of community, and encourages school pride. We are excited to offer this to our students and school community! We have set the prices very close to our cost but any profits we do make from the sales will help our school pay for programming enhancement.

Sales will take place directly on our online store. Families are able to order and pay for their choices directly. Items will be delivered to your child's classroom once they arrive to the school. The online store link is The online store will be open until Sunday, September 15th . Once the store closes, we will anticipate delivery in 3 weeks.

If you are interested in trying on items for size, a sample of every size of every item will be available at Sports Connection on Kingsway. They would be happy to help you find the right size. The basic t-shirt will be available all the way down to a tiny 2T. :) The other styles will come in youth and adult sizes. (There will be a number items in adult sizes only; these were included with staff in mind but are certainly available to families, as well.)

Follow this link to visit our online store!

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Mastel at


All schools in Medicine Hat Public School District are utilizing a literacy (reading), and numeracy assessment tool to provide a general idea of how students are performing in each area. These assessments are used with students in grades 2 through 10. The purpose of these assessments are to help teachers plan supports for students in building literacy and numeracy skills. Teachers continue to use other classroom based assessments and diagnostic tools to guide planning and instruction. No single assessment reflects all skills required for students - multiple and different types of assessments are needed.

The literacy assessment being used is the STAR reading assessment, a brief online reading comprehension assessment.This tool provides teachers with beginning information to plan supports for students and engage in conversation with students about their reading and next steps. This assessment will be used three times throughout the school year.

The numeracy assessment being used is the Math Intervention/Programming Instrument (MIPI). This assessment is completed only at the beginning of the school year or term and has students answering questions on mathematical concepts they would have learned in the previous year. For example, a grade 6 student would answer questions based on knowledge and skills he or she would have learned in grade 5. There is no need for students to study for this assessment. It is simply a way to help teachers know where each student is in their math knowledge and skills and tells us if students need more help in math.

Both of these assessment tools are part of the many ways we plan to support students and offer a wide range of assistance to meet each child’s unique needs.


Parent Council News

Welcome to the new school year! Did you know that if you have a child who attends Ross Glen School, you are a member of the Ross Glen School Council? We meet each month for about an hour with free childcare provided. At our meetings, you will have a chance to learn more about our school and share your input. Our first meeting will be on September 10, 2019 at 7pm in the Staff Room. At this meeting we will discuss our budget for presentation at the October School Council Meeting. All are welcome to attend.

2019-2020 School Council Executive:

Chair: Elizabeth Gebhardt

Secretary: Megan Knodel

Treasurer: Nicole Nikiel and Janine Stuber

Spirit Day Coordinator: Terri Lees

Spellathon Coordinator: Amanda Knodel

Papa John's

Pizza night allows families to order pizza from Papa John’s online using a special code. The code gives the family a 15% discount and also earns a 15% donation for our school. Once we have further instructions and the required code, we will share it with families.

Here are the Papa John’s pizza night dates for the year:

Thursday, September 19

Thursday, October 17

Thursday, November 21

Thursday, December 12

Thursday, January 16

Thursday, February 13

Thursday, March 19

Thursday, April 9

Thursday, May 28

Thursday, June 11

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