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January/February 2022

Dear Families,

Welcome back to school! We hope you enjoyed the recent snow and extra days at home. We look forward to getting back into the routine of school. Thank you for your continued support and thank you to our students, as they are so good at wearing their masks correctly. As we return, please remind your child that masks must be worn at all times unless they are actively eating or drinking. Masks must be worn correctly over both the mouth and nose. When on school property, students are not to use their cell phones. All cell phones should be off/silent and kept in the student's backpack.

Remember to send your child to school each day with the following items:

  • Mask
  • Charged Chromebook
  • Full water bottle
  • Snack
  • School Supplies

Check out our upcoming events below and be sure to review our school-wide expectations with your child. Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 302-659-6297.


Mr. Steven Gott, Principal

Mrs. Amy Mumley, Associate Principal

Upcoming Events


17 - No School, MLK Day

27 - Mid-Trimester

28 - No School, Inservice Day


7-11 - Candy Grams on sale

7 - Progress Report #2 Available

14 - Candy Grams delivered

21 - No School, Presidents Day

25 - No School, Inservice Day

26 - I Love SSD Day


10 - End of Trimester #2

14 - No School, Inservice Day

18 - Report Card #2 Available


15-24 - No School, Spring Break

29 - Midtrimester #3

Arrival & Dismissal

8:20 am - 8:35 am - Students arrive and are invited to get breakfast.

3:18 pm - 4th-grade bus rider dismissal

3:20 pm - 5th-grade bus rider dismissal

3:22 pm - 6th-grade bus rider dismissal

3:25 pm - Car-riders/walkers dismissed (as soon as buses pull away)

Our students have been reviewing and practicing our school-wide expectations. Please review these with your child.

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All students are expected to participate in Eagle Reading at home by reading for 30 minutes (2 steps) every night and logging their steps.

Student Council Announcement!

Congratulations to the following students on their position in the 21-22 JBM Student Council Leadership Team!

President: Savannah Snow

Vice President: Ella Hall

Secretary: Amelia Kelly

Treasurer: Brazil Burton

Historian: Abby McGowan

The student council representatives worked together to sell, assemble, and distribute over 500 candy grams; spreading cheer around the school. They also had the opportunity to vote on the door decorating contest, which was a very difficult decision. The representatives took their jobs very seriously and felt pride in their new responsibilities.

In January, we are looking forward to our first officer meeting, where the 6th-grade leadership team will begin planning out events, celebrations, and ways to continue to foster a positive school environment.

Valentine's Day Candy Grams will be on sale the week of February 7th and will be distributed on Valentine's Day.

Standards Based Grading Information (K-5)

Click on this button to learn more or read through the guide below.

More Ways to Engage Your Child in Reading at Home!

Read to each other.

Take turns reading aloud during story time. As your child grows as a reader, you can gradually read less and let your child take the lead more often. If you have younger kids, too, encourage your older one to take on the responsibility of reading to them.

Point out the relationships between words.

Talk about words whenever you can. Explain how related words have similar spellings and meanings. Show how a noun like knowledge, for example, relates to a verb like know. Point out how the “wild” in wild and wilderness are spelled the same but pronounced differently.

Make books special.

Kids who have trouble with reading may try to avoid it because it makes them feel anxious or frustrated. Try to create positive feelings around reading by making it a treat. Get your child a library card or designate special reading time for just the two of you. Give books as gifts or rewards.

Let your child choose.

Some kids prefer nonfiction books. Some love only fantasy or graphic novels . Or maybe your child prefers audiobooks or reading things online. The important thing is to practice reading, no matter where or how it happens.

Look for a series of books.

Ask a librarian or a teacher for suggestions about popular book series your child might like. Reading a series of books helps kids get familiar with the tone, characters, and themes. This familiarity can make the next books in the series easier to grasp.

Swap music for an audiobook.

Yes, audiobooks count as reading—and they can help children do it better. Hearing someone reading a book confidently is a great way to experience fluency, which is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with good expression. Borrow them at your library, or get a free listening app at

Make use of tablets/devices

Your smartphone or tablets can be used to install useful reading apps where kids can have safe spaces for reading without parents worrying about what they might come across online. Parents are able to choose what their children can access, as well as how long they can do different activities with timer features. Bookshelf is loaded onto your child’s class link account. Epic and SORA are other free apps you may want to utilize.

Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

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Read the 2021 Winter SEL Guide below for fun/useful ideas!

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Review this health screener with your child daily.

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