Becoming A Young Mommy

Statistics Of Teen Pregnacy

 - 494,357 babies born per year do to teen pregancy.We have 1,671,630 teen pregancys per 1 million people.  Pregnacy by a female age 13 to 19 is understood to occur in a girl who hasnt completed her core education, secondary school, has fewer or more avle skills and is financially  dependent upon her parents and/ or continues to love at home

Risks Of Teen Pregnacy

Becoming pregnant at young age comes with many great risks of all kinds with you and your baby . As in health risks , difficulties in education and ecomonic issues. Haveing a baby at a young agecause great health risks as premature labour and delivery, baby born with a low birth weight , preclampsia ( swelling and high blood pressure ) , anemia ( low irin levels in blood). The Education problems that come with teen pregancy are low academic accomplishments , 60% of teens who become pregnant dont recieve a high school diploma.Economic problems also occur in teen pregnacy cause you are responsibile for the childs health care, clothes, food and all the childs needs statistics show $1.9 billion for health care , $2.3 billion for child welfare , $ 2.1 billion for incarceration, $2.9 biilion lower tax revenue . IN 2004 $