Treasure Map January 19-23

All Pirates, all tools, all ways!

Caring Bridge

Our precious Belle Mitchell's mom, Kelley, asked me to share the link to caring bridge.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday night at 7 at First Baptist Church.

Dates to Remember

Monday, January 19
  • MLK holiday

    Tuesday, January 20
    • 3:00 Book Study meeting (up to page 108)

    Wednesday, January 21
    • McAlister's Spirit 21

    Thursday, January 22

    • 11:30-2:30 Co-teaching Training for those that need it

    Friday, January 23

    • Terrific Kid write ups due. Please remember to print it using the traditional powerpoint slide and place it in Carman's box.

    Co-teaching Professional Development

    If you are attending next you must:

    1. Register on My Learning Plan

    2. Have a STAR rotation student assigned to you

    3. ***Leave a list of how all students are to go home that day with the front office and your sub.

    4. ***Let me and Kevin know who is covering your dismissal duties. (Sub days are from 7:15-2:25)

    January Birthdays!

    Glenda Wright

    Jan. 13

    Stacey Myers

    Jan. 16

    Adam Batten

    Jan. 16

    Tonya Janicke

    Jan. 21

    Andy Morton

    Jan. 28

    Stacy O’Dell

    Jan. 31