All About Me

By : Camryn Wood


Music is a part of my life, I played the clarinet for 5 years I started in the fourth grade. My older sister was in the marching band for 4 or 5 years. My family and I would go to every one of her competitions and all the football games she had to play at at that time the band director knew me. I also had to go to all of her jazz band, concert band,choir concerts. By then her director knew me.

I love candy !

When I was younger I loved candy I would eat it all the time. My favorite candy is rock candy there we not a lot of candy stores that sold them so they were hard to find. I like hard candy more then gummy candy. Also I had my own secret candy stash in my room my Mom and Sister tried to look for it.

Little Me

I love gymnastics.

When I was younger I did gymnastics for five years. I changed gyms twice. The first one was Bensalem Gymnastics I was there for to years. The other gym was called Leaps-and-bounders. I was there for another three years.

I did dance.

I had done dance for four years i also switched dance studios. I switched from my old dance studio to Jenny Lee Dance studio. One of my sisters friends were in that class her name was Rosemary also her friend Autumn.

I have lots of hobbies.

When i was younger i had hobby of making friendship bracelets. I learned to make friendship bracelets at my camp. I went to that camp for eight years at that camp it was one of the things we did most.