St Cecilia's News

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - Christmas 2018

Please remember we close at Midday today!

Almost Christmas!

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful advent in school, with reflections, special assemblies, Nativities and our Carol Concert which took place on Wednesday night. Thank you for your support for all our Advent and Christmas activities, it is very much appreciated. A special mention must go to Mrs Kolendo, our Music Teacher, who has organised or supported these events so creatively.

Thank you also for remembering our staff, I have seen so many presents coming in to school, it is very kind of you all.

Our Christmas Cards this year were designed by four members of the Chaplaincy team, Sophia, Amelia, Luna and Mariah. The beautiful designs, shown in the newsletter today, have gone to all of our families and support agencies - thank you girls for your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Many of you supported Frank and his Mum selling biscuits for Cardinal Hume Centre's homeless project the other afternoon, £100 was raised, thanks to Mrs Wojciechowski for this lovely example of compassion at Christmas time.

It's lovely that we have a good break after Christmas and return to school on Tuesday 8th January.

The staff and I wish you a happy and Holy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Vince Burke

Head Teacher

Workshops for Parents

It was great to see so many parents at our recent Y1 Phonics Workshops. After Christmas we will have a number of Google GSuite Workshops available.

In a structured workshop, we will enable you to experience Google Apps from your child's account. We will also show you some of our possible ways of working in the future through Google Classroom, Drive, Docs and Sheets.

We will also highlight Google Safesearch and Google Security Center where you can find further information.

Our Parents Evening Booking System will send out invitations after the New Year for these workshops, the first of which is on 5th February - see our website for the other dates in the calendar. Parents do not need to attend, these workshops are aimed at parents who would like more information about the school's increasing use of technology for learning. Booking is essential as we will prepare some resources for you. Please watch out for the email in January.

Parents Evening Dates / Reports

Our next parent teacher meetings will take place on Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th March.

This week we have said goodbye to SIMS our old Management Information System and hello to Pupil Asset. As a result of this change we will not be sending a report to you in February. Instead, teachers will be busy updating and amending our assessment system to bring you new look reports just before Easter and the summer holidays.

We will bring you more information about Pupil Asset and the parent app later in the Spring Term. We are grateful to the PTA who are organising a small group of parents to test the system for us as we get closer to launching the app in February.

Big picture

Happy retirement to Mrs Knight

Yesterday we said goodbye to Mrs Knight (Pictured above, centre) who has been a Midday Supervisor with us for over 20 years, a remarkable achievement. A lovely kind and gentle person, she has been a wonderful influence on our children at lunchtime. As I said goodbye to her with our pupils yesterday I mentioned how Mrs Knight has worked with hundreds of local children who are now aged from 31 to 4 years of age. We wish her well in her well deserved retirement - she will be sorely missed.

The children sang a goodbye song yesterday to the tune of Jingle Bells....

Thank you Mrs. Knight,

For all your hard work here,

You’ve been here many years,

We all wish you good cheer!

We will miss___ you,

And your lovely smiles for us.

All the very best we sing To you and your family!

Mrs. Knight! Mrs. Knight!

Thank you very much

For all the kind things you’ve done for us,

We love you very much! Oh!

Mrs. Knight! Mrs. Knight!

Thank you very much

For all the kind things you’ve done for us,

We love you very much!

Advent Calendar Online

Don't forget to tune in to our lovely Advent Calendar for these last few days of Advent!

Christmas Mass Times

St Cecilia's Catholic Church

Christmas Eve

6.30pm Family Mass

10.30pm Carols

11pm Midnight Mass

Christmas Day

9.30am 11am

St Mathias Catholic Church

Christmas Eve

4pm - Family Mass


Carols from 9.30pm and Mass at 10pm.

Christmas Day

7.30am. (Quiet Mass)

9.30am 11.15am.

St. Christopher's Catholic Church

Christmas Eve

6.00pm Family Mass

9.00pm Midnight Mass (preceded by Carols)

Christmas Day

9.00am, 10.30am

Uniform Shop News


May we please ask you to inform parents that the shop will be closed from 3pm Monday 24th December and will reopen on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We take this opportunity to wish all Staff and Parents a Happy Christmas and New Year 2019.

Thank you very much for your help.

King Regards

Delia & Canute

Clothes Line

0208 543 7721

368 Grand Drive London SW20 9NQ