kitchen saftey

By Alex Schram

Safety is A big priority

No one likes to cut a finger on a knife, get burned or slip and fall. but most of us have had one or more of these accidents. Safety in the kitchen means using precautionary methods in the kitchen to prevent an accident.Most accidents in the kitchen are due to not paying attention or screwing around.

How to prevent accidents in the kitchen

1. Use a oven mitt to remove a pan from the oven.

2. Pour salt or baking soda over the flames of a grease fire.

3. Wipe up spills on the floor right away.

4. Tie back long hair.

5. don't use electric appliances with wet hands

6. don't Wear loose clothing while working in the kitchen.

7. Cut away from your body when using a knife.

8. Keep cabinet doors closed so everything is concealed.

Interview questions

Margaret Schram carlitos restaurant employee

1:what is the most important thing involved with food safety

to not cross contaminate and to cook thoroughly

2:who is the person that regulates these rules

the FDA

3:why do you like the food industry

because i live to cook and create new foods

4:what kind of licenses do you need for this industry

employer identification number,business license,food service establishment permit,local permit

5:what kind of training do employees need

hygiene training level 1 or 2