Books w/ Amazing Love Stories

By: Jessica

Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

Carlos is a troubled kid that wants nothing to do with his new “goody” brother Alex Fuentes. He gets involved with the gang life with a kid at school. He also refuses to listen to his brother or Brittany Ellis. So they send him to live with the professor and his daughter Kiara, a girl he goes to school with. They soon get feelings for each other and create a strong bond that nothing can break. Not even the beatings of rival gangs.

(Second book in The Perfect Chemistry trilogy)

Crash into You by Kaite McGarry

Isaiah is a troubled boy who loves cars. Rachel is a good, rich girl who has love for cars too. When Rachel’s first race goes wrong and she loses bets she finds Isaiah’s help to help her. All the trouble that’s caused they come together as a couple, but have to deal with the obstacle of Rachel’s over protective, filthy rich parents. Rachel’s done living in the shadows of her bothers and dead sister, and Isaiah is done living on the edge and always getting into trouble.

Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Caleb just got out of jail for hitting Maggie with a truck while he was drunk. Maggie walks with a permanent limp. Caleb is known as a “criminal”. Maggie had a crush on Caleb Becker when she was younger. Even though she wants to hate him she can’t deny she still has an attraction to him. As the truth comes out about that one night Caleb realizes that he wants to be with Maggie. In the end it wasn’t a happy ending to me.

Something Like Normal By Trish Doller

Travis just got back from Afghanistan but his home life isn’t the way he thought it would be. His brother has managed to take his girlfriend and car. His dead friend Charlie haunts him and makes him go crazy. The weirdest part is when he meets Harper Gray. A girl that should hate him for the middle school rumors he made up about her only at a birthday party and 7 minutes in heaven. She becomes his rock and his safety net. She’s the only one who makes his life seem a little bit normal.

The Distance Between Us By Kasie West

Caymen has learned not to get involved with the rich. She works at her mom’s porcelain doll shop and watches the rich silently. One day Xander, a tall rich and handsome, guy walks into her shop and they have a connection. Caymen just doesn’t want to learn another life lesson about what it’s like to be with the rich. Xander is the only one who gets Caymen and helps her discover the shocking secrets of her family.