Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson's Early Life and Education

Thomas Jefferson became very intelligent from what he did in his childhood. As a child he always love to play in the woods and practice reading and violin. When he was nine, Thomas started learning Greek and Latin. When he became fourteen he went on to learn even more languages and mathematics. He went to the second oldest college in America which was William and Mary. He noticed that all of his classmates were betting on horse races and worrying about girls. He disproved these things and believed that getting a solid education was more important and later graduated. Since he had such good study habits and learned a variety of subject it allowed him to become successful in his future. In three years after graduating he decided to take another course which was law school and after his five years of studying he became one of the most experienced lawyers. He always seeked for as many cases as he could so he could became an even greater lawyer. He won most of his cases and during this time Jefferson found love with Martha Wayles Skelton who was one of the most wealthiest women in Virginia. Thomas and Martha had six children and only two were able to survive into adulthood.

Thomas' Wife

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Did you know Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826 which was the nation's 50th anniversary

Jefferson's Political Beginning

Thomas Jefferson political life began since he was apart of the French and Indian war, the Stamp Act and the Boston tea party. He was elected for into the house of Virginia Burgesses which is which people came in to establish legislative assembly. While in this group he created the "A Summary View of a British America". This made him look as a very strong and intelligent American. One year later he attended the second continental congress where most of the work was put on to Thomas.

How Thomas Jefferson Contributed to the Declaration

The congress chose five people to work a document which was the declaration of independence which was to purpose to the British that America wanted to become a free country and not being ruled over King George III. Thomas Jefferson was assigned to make the first draft of the document which turned out to be one of the most detailed documents in all of history. His first draft stated many things about everyone had individual freedom and every man is equal. Even though it was a very well written argument, it still needed many revision and finally was official on July 4th. After the declaration was made he went back to his home state Virginia a changed the laws in his state which was about having a freedom of religion which was one of Jefferson's greatest accomplishments.
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Thomas Jefferson's Vice Presidency and Jefferson as President

Washington was the first president by public voting and democracy. Once Washington stepped down from being president this mad an opening. There wasn't campaigning back then but Jefferson got out of his house and attempted to convince people and the government for him to become president. Unfortunately John Adams won the voting and the rules back then were different, the runner up became the Vice President. At the time the vice president didn't do much to help the government much and also since Adams was a different political party and also didn't help Thomas' case. Once John Adams' time was up, Jefferson decide to run again and this time him and Aaron burr tied with a total of 73 electoral vote. There was a big argument that happened in congress that occurred and Thomas Jefferson finally rose to president and burr became the vice president. During his time as president he reduced the national debt from 80 million dollars down to 57 million. One of his biggest accomplish while being in office was doing the Louisiana purchase. This was buying a good chunk of land in the west from Napoleon. Once he did this he sent out Lewis and Clark who which investigated the land bought. They met many native tribe during their journey and some that helped them through it. Lewis and Clark were sent out to see what the land was like and what were natural resources in this areas, also they looked at land that wasn't there's but if scoping it out to see if it was important. He was re-elected for his second term in office but it was more difficult this time around. France and Great Britain were at war which were one of his biggest problems. He decide to put in the embargo act which was to stop trading with both the counties but wreaked the economy and made them increase the nations debt. Since Jefferson did this act, it lead to the war of 1812.

My Reaction

I decided to do my project on Thomas Jefferson because I knew he was a very intelligent man and also I knew he wrote the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. i thought that his rough draft wasn't a very good document, but it turns it was a very well written document since it explained individual right and every man is equal. I believed that he was a very educational man in his childhood it. I understand why he was, he may have had it in his genetics but it was mostly from his work habits and the urge to learn about many new things. He shaped our country the way it is with pros and cons but improved for the many years to come.

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