News in Mesopotamia

Let's talk about the things going on in Mesopotamia

The Drought is Finally Gone!

In 3,000 B.C in Mesopotamia droughts have been going on for the past 5 months now and king Hammurabi has done nothing.Finally he has came up with something he has been creating for the past 5 months a food,water and home center now people do not have to steal each other's crops . It has water there and beds and different seeds for different crops. If you want to get in you will have to pay 100 silver coins,500 bronze coins,or 10 gold nuggets to live there for 5 years. Now let's get to the weather.

A Bad Flooding Situation

Lots of flooding has been going on in ancient Mesopotamia. Water has been pouring for the last 18 days straight. It has washed away animals, money people homes chariot wheel barrels and a lot more other things. King Hammurabi said when the flood wears off he will tell his paid soldiers to create a dam so no more water will affect homes and civilizations.King Hammurabi proclaimed that the flood shall be gone in under 2 months. That was the weather today now lets get to the advertisement.