Amelia Earhart's Life Story

Amelia Earhart bio

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897, In Atchison, KS. Her parents were Amelia Otis Earhart and Samuel Stanton Earhart. She has one sibling named Grace Muriel Earhart. For her education she went to Hyde Park Academy High School in 1916.
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Facts About Amelia Earhart's life

  1. She liked to drink hot cocoa and eat oranges on her plane trips. 2.Amelia has her own postage stamp. it came out in 1963. 3.One of Amelia's plane is at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington,D.C.
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Amelia Earhart Biography

More Fact's About Amelia Earhart

1. Amelia attend six different High School, she was able to graduate on time. 2. Amelia was call Lady Lindy because of her slim build and facial features resembled of Charles Lindbergh 3.Amelia met Orville Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 1937 , the same year she disappeared. She was the 16th woman to receive a pilot's license from the FAI (License No. 6017.) 4. The United States government spent $4 million looking for Amelia Earhart, which made it the most costly and intensive air and sea search in history at that time. 5. Amelia developed a friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, who wanted to learn how to fly. Amelia had planned to teach her, for which the First Lady even got her student permit. 6.Amelia had such an impression on the public that people often wrote and told her about naming babies, lakes, and even homing pigeons "Amelia". 7.Amelia refused to don typical flying gear-she wore a suite or a dress instead of wearing the proper gear she wore dress close you would where to church. Amelia wore a fitted hat she did not wear her helmet she did not put on her goggles until she got to the end of the field, she remove them immediately upon landing.
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Amelia Earhart's Disapperance

Amelia Earhart disappeared on June 2, 1937.