Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

February 8-12, 2016

Our Class

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we worked on a new project called the "Title Down Paragraph". We did this for our literature circle books. Title down paragraphs are basically like acrostic poems but with the main character or theme of our literature circle books. Some of the titles we used were Paulsen for My Life in Dog Years, Lincoln for Chasing Lincoln's Killers, or whaleship, for In the Heart of the Sea. For one day, we mainly worked on ideas for the letters that each sentence had to start with. Most of the class tried to not get a hard letter like "X". Once we had a draft of our paragraph we had to type it. Once we typed our title down paragraph we would have someone that had the same book as us check it. Then we turned it in to Mrs.Reuter.

By Diane & Abby


This week in Science we did the a Mission to Mars web quest. That is where we have questions on a packet and we go online to find the answers. After that we applied for jobs for the Mission to Mars field trip. We got to choose from the Communication, Data, Navigation, Medical, Probe, Remote, Life Support, Isolation, and Space Weather team. We got our results back and most of our class got the job that they wanted. For example, in Communication is Jessica and Greta, in Data there is Matt and Tejal, and in Medical is Rod and Amanda. We can't wait for the trip on Tuesday!

By Greta & Matt

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we talked about the Spanish and French Colonies. We read a few chapters in our Social Studies textbook about different wars between the natives and Spanish. In the 1690s, there was a battle called the "Pueblo Revolt", the Spanish battled the natives. The natives actually won the battle, with Popé as their leader. In the early 1690s, Popé had died. The Spanish had another battle with the natives after Popé died and the Spanish won. The Spanish now called the land San Antonio. Next week, we will continue learning Spanish, French, and British Colonies. We're excited to start learning about the French and Indian War.

By Maya

Design Thinking

Last week in Design Thinking, we designed and planned out our year long projects. They are about eating healthier, or exercising more in either school, home, or in the community. We split up into three groups with one of the three fifth grade teachers. Mrs. Reuter is handling all the groups that want to make iBooks and websites, Mrs. Laudato is in charge of all the groups that wants to make a video, and Mrs. Neu is in charge of all of the groups that want to do a booth or a garden. One of the groups in Mrs. Laduato's class is going to make a board game. Two of the groups in Mrs. Neu's class are making a school garden. Since today is a half day, we won't be able to have design thinking. Though, we are going to have a Valentine's Day Party.

By Rod & Katie


Art with Ms. Martucci

Art, like always, was on Monday. But, because we had Age of Sail on Monday, we couldn't do art on Monday. Mrs. Martucci wanted to reschedule art, so we did it on Thursday. On Thursday, we worked on watercolors, meaning we drew a landscape and painted it. Some were very cool! We also looked at a painting named "Starry Night." You might have heard of it, because Van Gough made it. Overall, Art was very fun. We had a great time, even though some people were not FIERCE, and criticized art. But art is very fun, and it is very good for your brain, too. So, there is no reason criticize art!

By Morgan & Nick

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music, we practiced our musical songs again. Some songs were Blue, Red and White; Fifty Nifty United States; and My Flag. There were some choruses,and some echoes during our songs. We had 45 minutes to practice these songs. The class was split into two sections, the low voiced and the high voiced people. On the risers, it was also split by tall people on the highest row, and the shortest people on the lowest row.

By the Ethans

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

In Physical Education this week, we played lacrosse. Lacrosse is a sport with a stick and a ball. It's almost like hockey, but with nets in the sticks and different moves. Lacrosse is a sport of catching and throwing. It does not allow you to touch or throw the ball with your hands. We practiced passing the ball to each other while running three laps with our partners. While running there was a move called, cradling. Cradling is when you swing the lacrosse stick back and forth while running. To pass, you put your dominate hand near the net, and then you put your other hand on the bottom of the lacrosse stick. This week of physical education was fun.

By Jaina & Jessica

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week we did not have FIERCE because we were on our Age of Sail overnight field trip. Age of Sail was a very fun field trip. We had lots of fun and experienced the way sailors lived. We were split up into crews: the rigger crew, the bosun crew, the galley crew, the boat crew, and the deckhand crew. The rigger crew was responsible for building the bosun's chair and had to lift people in it. The bosun crew tied knots, coiled ropes, and went rowing on the longboat. The galley crew made our dinner and breakfast. The food was great! We had stew, bread pudding, and bread for dinner. For breakfast, we had oatmeal, apples, and hot chocolate. In the middle of the day, the galley crew also gave us a nice snack, rice crispy treats. The boat crew raised and lowered the dory and went out rowing in the longboat. Finally, the deckhand crew had to scrub the deck, keep bell time, and raise and lower the ensign. After the field trip, we went to Lori's Diner and had a nice breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the beach. Age of Sail was really fun!

By Amanda & Tu

Spanish with Señorita Webb

This week in Spanish we did many things. First, we practiced our pronouns. We would say them and lift the finger they represent. Then we listened to a song for our pronouns. Next, Señorita Webb threw a ball to a person and they would catch it. She would ask them a question and they would answer it. Finally we reviewed our test, and she gave us a pretest. The pretest was just to see what we know, so she basically pulled us into the hall way and asked us questions. Spanish was very fun this week.

By Rand & Tejal

Coming Up Next

Next week will again be a very busy week. Campus is closed on Monday in observance of Presidents' Day. Then on Tuesday, our class and half of Mrs. Neu's class will be heading to our Mission to Mars field trip where the students will be taking part in a simulated space mission to Mars. In Social Studies, we will be looking in depth at the French and Indian War. The students will discuss causes and effects of the French and Indian War, and how the war sets the stage for the American Revolution. In Language Arts, the students will begin working on their personal narratives. We will also return to a more normal homework routine with nightly spelling and geography. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

Remember to check out our class Shutterfly site from my previous email to see all the amazing pictures from Age of Sail and other classroom adventures. Look for new pictures to be added following our Mission to Mars field trip.

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