A place for all Port People


I named my utopia Portlandia because it is a port city but most of the attractions are located on land. We have one of the biggest ports in the world.

Declaration of Independance

We shall form one nation, a new nation, that brakes us free from the rule of DurkaDurkastan. We are tired of being apresed by a tyrant that does not care for the well being of ones people. Our king has left us to defend and survive on our own against natives, whale attacks, and attacks by Tom Jared's pirate. When being attacked we where not given any help by the way of fellow warriors, supplies, or even a cannon. We were left to fend for ourselves and we strived and survived. Now by this we have decided to leave from under your rule, and follow our own. You have been warned do not try to reclaim us, we are on our own.


These are the rules you don't follow you die, like North Korea.

1. Must follow the laws

2. Right to bear arms

3. Right to free speech

4. Right to be apart of any religion

5. Right to equality

6. Right to a trial

7. Right to have a role in gov

8. All drugs are legal

9. All alcohol is legal

10. You have the right to have fun and party

Running the Goverment

The government shall be ran by a man of the peoples choosing. He shall hold the office for at the most 6 years. The government shall be split between two groups the Man and the Council of Elders. The two shall have power and say in the government. The parties shall and will follow the rules, regulations, and standards as stated above. Laws shall be passed by a vote of all men over the age of 40, since they are typically the most wise. A law shall be brought to them by either the Council or the Leader, it has to get passed by more than 30 votes to move on to the next level. If approved by the 40 then it moves to the opposite party then the one who sent it to the 40 for review. The party who wrote the law in question may come before the judging party to answer questions and give a talk on the law. Then if the judging group approves it then it is set as a law.

Motto and Seal

Motto: Life does not define you, you define your life.
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Utopian Animal

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A day in Portlandia

8:00- All Portlandians awake

8:30- All Portlandians meet for a utopian breakfast and meeting

9:00- All men report to the docks and start fishing or processing fish

9:15- All women go and pick fresh fruit and vestibules for that lunch

10:00- Half of the women start cooking for lunch, the other go do other jobs

11:00- First boat comes in with fish

12:00- Second load of fish

1:00-2:00- Lunch time

3:00- Women go and start to gather things for supper

4:00- Diner is being cooked

4:45- Men get off of work

5:30- Diner and other entertainment

7:00- reading time

9:00- Bed time for all Portlandians

Visit Portlandia

Portlandia is the best spot on the world for one who wants to visit or live a community that is loving, kind, and caring community. Some of our endless amount of attractions are our great beaches, beautiful fishing areas, great resorts, amazing amusement parks, and beautiful hiking and rafting areas.

Invitation to a friend

Hello, you should really come to my utopia. My utopia is amazing we have so much cool stuff to do and look at. We have great beaches, beautiful fishing areas, great resorts, amazing amusement parks, and beautiful hiking and rafting areas. We have something for everyone, no one would ever be bored here. So come visit me in a awesome kickin utopia.

Journals for Portlandia

Journal 1: A Day at Work. For a typical man working on the docks or fishing for fish is a everyday occurrence. Men who fish go out into Topia Bay and fish for Flyers with huge 100 cubit by cubit size nets. They let the nets soak for around 2-3 hours; or until the weight scale attached to the net reaches the red indicator on the scale. Normally it takes the men about one hour to pull the nets up onto the boat and sort through which fish to keep, get rid of and other derbies to dispose of. Then they take about a 20 min boat ride to the docks to offload, and then start the whole cycle over again.

Journal 2: A Childs Life During the Day. For the children most of them join there dads and other men on the docks or fishing. The other children that do not do these jobs work in the fish processing houses. Where they get the fresh fish from the fisherman and take them and fillet them and put them on ice and sell in shops at the front of the processing houses. This is what the children do day to day to help with the success of Portlandia.

Journal 3: The religious practices in Portlandia differ by the area that you are in. Most of the people in the middle class believe in a god named Blent. The higher up Portlandians believe in a more logical and righteous god named Prelus. Portlandia does not associate it with any one god, it is a open community welcome to all people and beliefs.