By P.H.


  • Koalas are marsupials, which are mammals (Feeny,5)
  • Have a bear like appearance
  • Fur predominantly grey to light brown
  • Communicates with other koalas by rubbing scent gland on tree (arkive)
  • Has two thumbs

Food Chain and Habitat

  • eats only eucalyptus leaves
  • herbivore
  • distribution in Australia
  • lives in eucalyptus forests with other koalas, but will not share same tree
  • use trees as shelter


  • two thumbs and three fingers good for grasping branches
  • sharp claws dig into tree for extra firm grip
  • relies on sharp sense of smell and hearing to detect danger
  • if necessary, will swim to escape
  • can trot or gallop, but has to be aware of predators when on land

Reason for endangerment

  • during the 1930s, they were hunted for fur trade (arkive)
  • major threat is forest clearing and urbanization (arkive)
  • may be killed by collisions in traffic or dogs (arkive)
  • vulnerable to bush fires affected by global warming (arkive)
  • climate change makes plants decrease in protein and increase in tannin levels, therefore koalas have to deal with less protein eucalyptus leaves (arkive)