Career development project

By the one and only kade stricklin


My family is pretty chill and layed back and are pretty funny especially my dad. I live with my step mom and dad and my bother. I also have two dogs.

Mutiple intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence is science and some jobs would be a geologist.
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My top three work values are computers, cooking, playing sports.

My top three life values are social, i'm not afraid to talk to people, and can make good decisions.

Career cluster

My career cluster is architecture and construction and some jobs would be a architec.


My activities at school includes playing math games.

Activities i'm involved outside of school is baseball and basketball.

Ways to improve

Some ways i could improve is my attitude and my choices i make.

It's all good

Things that me happy about myself is that i'm nice, athletic, and funny.


"never give up"

"never say you can't"

"be positive"

My future

Someday i'm going to be rich and everything i want.