Michael Jordan

The G.O.A.T

The G.O.A.T

He is the the greatest basketball player ever step foot on a court. This video shows the legend and his greatest feats on his way to the top. He has won six championships and two dunk contests. He even payed one of the games in the 1997 NBA Finals with a fever of 103 degrees.
Michael Jordan - Unstopabull


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I chose this video because it shows his greatest feat on the biggest stages. It also shows how clutch he was in important moments
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"The Shot"

This shot is one of, if not the greatest play Michael Jordan ever made. It won the bulls the 1998 NBA finals.

Renato Scheidemantel

Queen - We Are The Champions (Instrumental) by Renato Scheidemantel


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"We are the champions"

I chose this song because it is about winning and being the champions. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player and won 6 championships in is era.