Prosthetic Timeline

By: Justin Self

950-710 BC

The earliest known prosthetic was created, was a wooden and leather toe strapped to an ancient Egyptian Mummy. This was discovered in the early 1800's

600 BC

The Greville Chester Toe was found in the early 2000's, this prosthetic toe was made of cartonnage- an early form of what would now be a material to make a cast (Paper mache, linen and plaster)

300 BC

The Capua Leg, the older known prosthetic leg was created by Romans from a bronze and Iron sturdy outside to a softer wooden core.


Peg Legs and hand hooks were created and tried to be specified for each individual leg but this was rather expensive so they were for the wealthy at the time. Tradesmen began to start making prosthetics with rough gears and springs to give it more detailed functionability


Iron, Copper, Steel and Wood were at the time the most popular materials at this time to make a prosthetic, the price as well was able to be lowered a little


During the civil war the US saw where the advancement of prosthetics were going and incorporated the cosmetic rubber hand that had finger able to move and other attachments that could be put on


Prosthetics were made mostly out of wood and leather that could be heavy and hard to keep clean and sanitary because of the leather, but they were also rather inexpensive due to the materials


Plastics, polycarbonates, resins, and laminates were easily cleaned and introduced to prosthetics to replace the leather and wood which was hard to keep sanitary and then carbon fiber was introduced to make prosthetics much lighter and stronger. Synthetic joint sockets were also custom fitted for each patient to have maximum qaulity


Prosthetic design has advanced to highly specialized prosthetics including high performance material prosthetics and responsive legs and feet prosthetics to navigate various terrain


Prosthetics have been introduced to the oldest technology- The Mind, prosthetics are now able to function like normal body parts, now you can function like a normal human being, being able to walk, grab things and move fingers without having to think twice