Emergency Plumbers in Sydney

5 Ways to Choose the Right Plumber

Let's face it, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of plumbers in Sydney. You only have to look through the Yellow Pages or online to know that there is an absolute abundance of plumbers offering their services, both day and night.

So how do you know which one to choose?

In most cases, you'll have plenty of time to look online, or in the yellow pages, or even ask a friend for a referral, But when plumbing emergencies happen, you often don't have time to think, let alone browse through the hundreds of plumbers in Sydney.

Chances are, you've got a blocked toilet, a burst pipe, or water leaking out everywhere that needs immediate attention. When this happens, you'll often find yourself hiring the first guy that comes along, and that's dangerous.

So, instead of wasting money on potentially hiring the wrong plumber, here are 5 quick tips to get you thinking ahead when disaster strikes.

1. Take the time out BEFORE disaster strikes to find a decent plumber. It's better to be prepared than find yourself running in circles at 3o'clock in the morning trying to find a plumber.

2. Keep the details of your chosen plumber handy. A popular way is to put a note on the fridge, or somewhere else in the home that you know you'll have quick access to at any time.

3. Be wary of call out fees. Most plumbers charge a call out fee, but many charge extra for call outs during public holidays, weekends and after hours. Some plumbers don't do this, they'll charge a flat rate, which is best if you want total control over your expenses.

4. Be prepared. When a plumbing emergency happens, it usually happens at the worst of times. So it's always best to familiarize yourself with how to shut off the mains water supply, how to disengage the gas, heating and any other utilities, should you need to. Of course, its always worthwhile, ensuring you know not only how to do this, but where those systems are in your home.

5. Always work with qualified professionals. Many plumbers "claim" to be great, but as always within any industry, there are plenty of shonks. Be sure that you work with a plumbing agency that are not only licensed, but offer insurance as well. You'll want to know you're working with reputable professionals.
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